NAMM: Gigastudio 3 Ships

US Major update packed with new features      23/07/04

NAMM: Gigastudio 3 Ships
The three flavours of Gigastudio

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With a complete overhaul of all of the main functions, several major enhancements including a sleek ergonomic UI and the addition of many completely new features, GS3 is a much anticipated update. This new version, a from-the-ground-up rewrite of the original application, adds dozens of new features for composers, sound designers and music producers. Available in three versions - Orchestra, Ensemble and Solo - it offers up to unlimited polyphony, 96kHz/24-bit sample support, ReWire support, VST FX, and GigaPiano 2, real-time convolution and a new look and feel to maintain GigaStudio's presence at the forefront of the sampling market. And it retains the features that made it the professional choice for sampling, such as disk streaming, the lowest latency of any sampler and the best sound libraries in the world. "GigaStudio continues to be the best choice for composers looking for the most realistic sampled instruments available," says Pete Snell, GigaStudio Sales and Marketing manager for TASCAM. "GigaStudio 3 adds GigaPulse SP, which allows library developers to add reverb and instrument resonance convolution to their instruments for a new level of realism. Plus, new features like Quick Edit, VST plug-in support and ReWire routing support make it easier to integrate the power of GigaStudio into virtually any studio." Key New GS3 Features include:
  • A completely redesigned editing and mixing interface - With the addition of the new Quick Edit feature, they've greatly enhanced GigaStudio's creative capabilities: The sound editor now has a quick and intuitive window to the real-time aspects of Giga Instruments; the new DSP Station Giga Mixer has also been completely retooled and now has 4-band parametric EQ and compression on every channel, as well as eight aux sends, 128 channels, and up to 32 stereo groups.
  • Unlimited polyphony - With GS2.5, many composers had to use stacks of computers simultaneously running Giga to attain the high polyphony needed for complex orchestrations. In GS3 we have seen polyphonies as high as 600 voices, compared to the previous limit of 160 voices in the top level of version 2.5. In the high-end GS3 Orchestra version, polyphony is only limited by your computer hardware, while the Ensemble version is limited to 160 voices, and the entry level Solo version will produce 96 voices
  • 24-bit/96 kHz sampling support - The Gig format is already the format of choice for the most advanced sound library developers. With GS3 they now have the ability to provide new libraries in pristine high sample rate versions. The added dynamic range and detail at even the lowest listening levels will take these already great sound libraries to new heights of realism.
  • Support for Rewire and VST Plug-Ins - While most power users are fine with running multiple instances of Giga on a bank of machines, the typical computer music aficionado will appreciate the convenience of routing audio from GS3 into a Rewire-compatible application on a single computer. They've also added support for VST plug-ins so you can now use your favorites such as Waves, Nomad Factory or Antares Filter in the GS3 mixer inserts.
  • New GigaPulse Technology - GS3 has integrated the power of GigaPulse into every version. Not only does GigaPulse let you place Giga instruments into actual sampled room environments, but also allows sound developers to create new instruments from their raw sample data. For instance, the strings and hammer sound of a Steinway D can be combined with the body of a Bosendorfer Imperial Grand or, for something totally unheard of, the body of a Martin D28. In GS3 Orchestra, GigaPulse Pro allows you to place an instrument in a specific location in a given room, using its surround-sampling engine.
  • Huge bundled library sample - To take advantage of all this new power, all versions of GS3 ship with gigabytes of free sound libraries and samples. With a broad range of instruments from top sound developers, a new user will be able to get started creating immediately. And for the power user who buys GS3 Orchestra, they are including a special version of the acclaimed Vienna Symphony Library. This is a full symphonic orchestra library built specifically for GS3.
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