NAMM: Bias Releases Peak 4.1

US Mastering and restoration edition      23/07/04

NAMM: Bias Releases Peak 4.1

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Includes professional edition of Peak 4.1 plus SoundSoap Pro restoration software and SuperFreq 10-band para-graphic EQ for just $899 SRP BIAS Inc, the software house who make one of the finest dedicated audio editors on the Mac, today announced that a special bundled edition of Peak 4.1 ($499 SRP) will include SoundSoap Pro ($599 SRP), the universal restoration plug-in, and SuperFreq ($79 SRP) 10 band mastering EQ is now available for just $899 US list - a saving of nearly $300 off the combined list prices if purchased separately. "We're thrilled to now offer an end to end stereo recording, editing, processing, restoration, and mastering solution in a single package. With so many customers looking for an all in one mastering and restoration solution, we felt the time was right to offer this bundled edition of Peak, SoundSoap Pro, and SuperFreq. At a price well below competing restoration solutions - which still require a host application - customers purchasing our Peak 4.1 Mastering and Restoration Edition are in for sticker shock in reverse". More about the components in the bundle in their own words Peak 4.1 - Industry Standard Stereo Recording, Editing, Processing, and Mastering for Mac
Features ultra fast editing, a streamlined highly customizable interface, support for VST and Audio Units plug-ins, powerful processing tools including ImpulseVerb (Convolution Reverb), Sqweez (Compressor Limiter), Harmonic Rotate, Batch Processing, Vbox effects matrix, and more. Peak 4.1 also includes Roxio's Jam 6 - the professional Redbook standard CD mastering software for Mac OS X - and SFX Machine LT, a limited edition of the popular multi-effects sound design plug-in. The inclusion of Jam 6 enables users to include track indexes, CD text, track names, ISRCs (International Standard Recording Code), and additional information necessary for the production of commercial replication-ready CDs. While Peak 4.1 supports direct CD burning - creating Redbook CD's that can be played on any CD player - customers requiring full access to the Redbook specification will certainly appreciate Jam 6. SoundSoap Pro - The Universal Restoration Solution
SoundSoap Pro is a professional audio restoration plug-in with a unique, integrated interface. This allows the user to access any tool quickly and easily from within a single plug-in window. Tool navigation tabs are labeled (left to right) "Hum & Rumble," "Click & Crackle," "Broadband," and "Noise Gate" - reflecting the suggested order in which the operations should be performed for optimal results. The tabs even provide convenient parameter feedback, allowing the user to monitor the primary tool settings, regardless of which tool is currently selected. SoundSoap Pro's approach to multi-band noise reduction focuses on speed, usability, and performance. SoundSoap Pro groups 512 bands into 12 discrete threshold and reduction sliders - delivering dramatically enhanced efficiency, ease-of-use, and superb sonic results. The sliders may be easily grouped with a lock button, and 12 vibrant level meters assist in threshold adjustments. When used with SoundSoap Pro's additional attack, release, and tilt controls, even the toughest broadband noise can be easily and dramatically reduced, while minimizing the chance of artifacts. Furthermore, users can easily hear the noise they are reducing by selecting "Noise Only." "SoundSoap Pro is the restoration solution tool that I've been waiting for", said Frank Serafine, Producer/Composer. "I have hundreds of 1/4 inch tapes that I am currently transferring to high-resolution digital from less than pristine analog. A powerful and flexible noise reduction product is an integral part of my studio. So far, SoundSoap Pro has exceeded my expectations. It gives me more power and access to control, so I get just the result I'm looking for. The plug-in filters out unwanted infractions while still maintaining high definition audio quality. Its intuitive interface makes my restoration work faster and easier than ever before. For demanding restoration projects in my studio, SoundSoap Pro is state-of-the-art." SuperFreq - Pro-mastering 10-band parametric equalizer
SuperFreq includes everything for professional-caliber equalization, including -18dB to +18dB Gain Values; 0.1 to 30 "Q" (bandwidth) values; sweepable frequencies from 20Hz to 20kHz, individual band bypass buttons; 24dB stereo input/output meters; and filters including Peak, Notch, High Shelf, Low Shelf, High Cut, and Low Cut. SuperFreq includes a 4,6 and 8-band edition for added flexibility. Pricing, and Availability
The Peak 4.1 Mastering and Restoration Edition is now available through the BIAS Worldwide Network of Dealers and Distributors for a suggested retail price of $899. Additional product information, free trial versions, or to download screen shots, visit the BIAS Website at
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