NAMM: New Beast From JoMoX Boffin

Resonator Neuronium a reality.      22/07/04

NAMM: New Beast From JoMoX Boffin
The enigmatic Resonator Nueronium

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Not srtictly a NAMM story I know, but it's not often we hear of a totally new synthesis method, and as it's almost show time, it gets to be our lead story. Jurgen Michaelis is the man behind many of the JoMox range of musical instruments. He's clearly on a mission and has somehow found the time to work on this long term creative project, the Resonator Neuronium. Now that the design phase is done, he's opted for a novel approach to manufacture. By taking pre-orders for the Resonator, he's made sure that demand meets supply. Once the pre-orders reached a certain amount (10 to be precise), production commences. "I have been convinced to produce a small series of this unique instrument. All people that I have personally showed this machine were freaking out and saying....Wow, I MUST HAVE this thing... but the individual price was kind of a shock to most people, which I can understand...well, I just want to get paid for 3 years of development of this absolutely unique peace of analog hardware. Who has an analog neural net yet? Just listen to the incredible noises and sounds coming from it... So I decided to lower the price by doing a small series of minimum 10 units. I will only start the production if I collect the minimum of 10 firm orders. Since I can't prefinance the expensive production myself, I must wait until I get this minimum number of orders and collect the money, too." The Resonator Neuronium is Jurgens first realization of a device built using Resonant Neuron Synthesis. This is a unique synthesis method, designed to leave behind the restrictions of MIDI and computer interfacing and to create something totally organic using Neural networking. The inspiration for this radical direction came from the theories on resonance hypothesis of the physicist and nature philosopher Friedrich Cramer. I know this may sound a little far-fetched to some, but the core concept is almost that of a living synthesis engine with interactions and resonances between synthesizer components happeing in an organic way. The results are definitely interesting and can be heard here As the world gets more homogenous, it's encouraging to know that there are some enquiring minds out there prepared to push the boundaries of electronic musical instrument making. For more information on the Resonator Neuronium, including preordering visit:

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