Universal Audio Up for 3 TEC Awards

GB Quality audio processors get their rewards      19/07/04

Universal Audio Up for 3 TEC Awards
The 2-1176 Compressor

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Universal Audio not only make the UAD-1 PCI DSP card for MAC and PC, oh no. They are also well known for their high-end audio vintage processors. Their remakes of the classic Urei 1176 compressor and Teletronic LA-2A levelling Amplifiers have been eagerly received by a vintage hungry recording industry. Their 2912 Master Audio Interface, and 2-1176 Twin Vintage Limiting Amplifier, have both received 2004 TEC Award nominations from the MIX Foundation for Excellence in Audio for the categories of Digital Converter Technology and Signal Processing Technology/Hardware. The Teletronix LA-2A Leveling Amplifier was also selected as one of the inductees for the newly created Technology Hall of Fame, which recognizes products and innovations that have had a lasting impact on the development of audio technology. "We're thrilled with this recognition of the 2-1176, a product which proves you just can't have too many 1176 compressors in your studio's rack," commented Matt Ward, President of Universal Audio. "And given that it's a new product category for us, it's extremely gratifying to receive an additional TEC award nomination for our new 2192. And to top it all off, the LA-2A will be one of the initial products inducted into the TEC Hall Of Fame. Needless to say, this will be a very special TEC awards for all of us here at Universal Audio." "After a nomination for UAD-1, and winning a TEC award for the 6176 in the Mic Preamplifier Category in 2003, the 2004 nominations for the 2192 and 2-1176 in two new categories is a huge boost to the team here. We are very proud to be nominated and this really illustrates that the small team at UA can consistently design and build quality audio products in the USA across a broad range of product areas," said Mike Barnes, Director of Marketing for Universal Audio. The Techie Bit
The 2-1176 Twin Vintage Limiting amplifier builds from the circuit design of UA's hugely successful 6176 Channel Strip and combines two 1176 channels From that unit-an uncompromising design with matched FET's and output transformers. The 2-1176 can run in Stereo or Dual Mono with completely independent compression and gain controls in dual mono mode. The 2-1176 preserves the classic all-button or "British" mode of the legendary 1176LN and adds a new 1:1 compression ratio option which allows it to be used as a 'tone-box" for coloration without compression. The company is focused on merging the best of analog and digital technology. The company is devoted to this endeavor, following its motto, Analog Ears, Digital Minds.
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