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Spectrasonics has released new updates of their award-winning virtual instrument plug-ins Trilogy, Stylus and Atmosphere, providing compatibility for the Windows version of Digidesign's RTAS plug-in format. The plug-ins are available for registered owners as a free download from the Spectrasonics website. "Since the introduction of our virtual instruments, we have had many requests for native support by the Windows Pro Tools(TM) community. With these new versions, we can now offer Windows Pro Tools users the same experience that Mac users of Spectrasonics instruments have long enjoyed," said Spectrasonics Founder and Creative Director, Eric Persing. "We're very pleased to now offer full native, cross-platform support for ALL Pro Tools users on both Macintosh and Windows." Digidesign(R) Pro Tools users on the Windows platform will now enjoy simple and easy integration and use of Spectrasonics plug-ins using the standard RTAS and HTDM formats. The three Spectrasonics plug-ins work with the Mac OS OS9 and OSX RTAS standards as well. The new versions, Trilogy 1.2, Atmosphere 1.2 and Stylus 1.1, also include several software code fixes adding more stability and compatibility for Macintosh OS X and Windows computers. The Trilogy and Atmosphere updates have also added new syncable LFOs, allowing Pro Tools to send tempo information to the plug-ins and have the LFO rate "locked" to the feel of the music. All three plug-in updates are free to registered owners and can be downloaded from the Spectrasonics website at:
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  • Trilogy (TM) Spectrasonics' Trilogy Total Bass Module plug-in is the only virtual instrument plug-in of its kind that specializes in powerful realizations of all three categories of bass sounds: acoustic bass, electric bass guitar and synthesizer bass. Unique features like True Staccato, Release Triggering and Trilogy's Dual-Layer architecture offer unparalleled realism and expressive capabilities.
  • Atmosphere (TM) The company's Atmosphere Dream Synth Module plug-in is a sample-based, dual-layer synthesizer module with over one thousand unique sounds and layer elements, that can be manipulated with its powerful and intuitive interface for shaping new textures. Over one million layer combinations are available for an extraordinary range of sonic colors.
  • Stylus (TM) The Stylus Vinyl Groove Module plug-in integrates a massive core library of thousands of cutting-edge groove elements, loops and samples, with a powerful user interface for creating completely new grooves. Stylus utilizes Spectrasonics' unique "Groove Control(TM)" feature offering dynamic pitch, tempo and feel changes to mix and match grooves to create endless rhythmic possibilities. All three 32-bit plug-ins offer massive 3-gigabyte core libraries and have powerful, yet simple to use interfaces for customizing sounds with onboard multi-mode resonant filters, envelopes for pitch, filter and amplitude, matrix-style modulation routing, multiple LFOs, parameter automation and more. Each plug-in has total recall of all settings using Pro Tools software.
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