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US Native Instruments add more power      13/07/04

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At this weeks British Music Fair in Birmingham, Sibelius software announced the introduction of G7 'Kontakt' edition, a new software solution for creative guitarists and songwriters. G7 is an award winning composing and arranging tool aimed at guitarists, songwriters and teachers and is used by some of the world's most influential musicians. G7 Kontakt edition, a collaboration with leading software synthesis company Native Instruments, builds on the successful components of the original G7. The new Kontakt edition includes a huge number of enhancements and brand new features, including the facility to burn songs to CD, access to a sample library (courtesy of Native Instruments Kontakt) Jeremy Silver, CEO of Sibelius Software, said: "This exciting collaboration with Native Instruments helps bring real sounds to G7 and will allow the end-to-end creation of a song, from a blank page all the way to a CD." To play music directly into G7 you use the on screen fingerboard. Build up a chord by clicking more notes on the fretboard. You can even select between different neck styles (including three different bass guitars). Performances can also easily be inputted using a MIDI instrument and G7 will automatically translate the music into tab in real- time. Once a basic melody is in place it can be perfected using a range of advanced editing facilities, which, amongst many other refinements allow the addition of markings such as bends, slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs and harmonics. Adding chords and lyrics is also easily done. Chord symbols are automatically generated and even accompaniments parts can be simply added, lyrics can be typed directly onto the score or alternatively, imported from a text file. At the touch of a button G7 'Kontakt' edition will convert tab to conventional music notation and vice versa. This is a hugely useful facility and the programme will even analyse any music (even if it wasn't originally written for guitar) and then work out a suitable fingering. Just press play and G7 Kontakt edition will display the fingering in real time on the fretboard. Sheet music can also easily be scanned and thanks to the huge sample library of studio quality sounds virtually any type of guitar sound can be selected from the most subtle nylon string through to ear shattering distortion samples. The installation CD also contains an invaluable guide to guitars; this digital encyclopedia provides comprehensive information on guitars, playing techniques and musical styles. All supported with audio examples and detailed illustrations. Features
  • Create music using mouse, on-screen fretboard, scanner or MIDI keyboard/guitar. Unlimited song length
  • Load ASCII tab & btab files, MIDI files, TIFF graphics (many useful graphics included). Save ASCII tab files, web pages, MIDI files, graphics files
  • Instruments: huge range of acoustic, semi-acoustic and electric guitars and basses, banjo, dobro, mandolin, etc. plus vocals, keyboards, drums, lead instruments. Numerous standard guitar tunings plus any custom tuning, any number of strings. Up to 16 simultaneous instruments
  • Guitar tab: bend, pre-bend, slide, hammer-on, pull-off, vibrato bar scoop/dip/dive and return, palm rake, braketed notes, etc.
  • Automatically rewrite tab fingering to suit your playing style and ability - simplify complex riffs so you can play them and find new ways to play your favorite solos
  • Notation: notes, chords, rests, clefs, accidentals, key signatures, time signatures, articulations, slurs, ties, hairpins, trills, other lines, lyrics, dynamics, other text, chord symbols, guitar chord diagrams (with built-in and custom libraries), tremolos & rolls, triplets, quintuplets and other tuplets, drum noteheads, colored music
  • Plays notation, tab (with bends, slides etc.), tempo marks, dynamics, rhythmic feels (e.g. swing, rock). Play/rewind/fast-forward/pause/stop buttons, tempo slider, mixer
  • Converts between tab, notation and chord symbols
  • Transposes notation, tab, chord diagrams and chord symbols
  • Automatically creates drum parts in many styles
  • Complete guide to guitars, styles and techniques
  • Print any page size/shape, traditional or handwritten music look, automatic page numbers & bar numbers System Requirements
    PC: Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP, Pentium or faster (Pentium III or faster recommended), 64Mb+ RAM (128Mb+ for Windows 2000/XP), 80Mb hard disk space. Scanning may need more RAM Mac: Mac OS 9.1/9.2/10.1.5 or later, iMac/G3/G4/G5, 128Mb+ RAM (OS 9) or 192Mb+ RAM (OS X), 80Mb hard disk space. Scanning requires TWAIN- compatible scanner and may need more RAM

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