MESSE: IK Multimedias T-RackS For Roland VS Series

Analog mastering plug-in suite for the Roland VS hard-disk recording systems.      06/04/04

MESSE: IK Multimedias T-RackS For Roland VS Series
VS gets plugged in with T-RackS

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Following on from Rolands NAMM news that the new FX board for the VS series will be running 3rd party plugins, IK Multimedia officially announce their T-Racks Software will be joining the gang. Methinks that this can only be a good thing as there are reportedly nearly 500,000 VS users out there! The system clearly presents a way for software houses to protect their hard written plug-ins from the cracks of spotty youths as it where, by tieing them to the Roland hardware. T-RackS VS will be able to run on the new VS8F-3 Roland expansion board just announced, which expands the possibility of Roland VS hard-Disk recording systems by allowing users to load 3rd party plug-ins. T-RackS VS will be a suite of 2 plug-ins: DYNAMIC and EQUALIZER both physically modeled after rare vintage hardware devices and offering that typical analog sounds which has made T-rackS a standard as a mastering software. The T-RackS VS DYNAMIC plug-in will offer a mastering tube compressor, a multi-band limiter and soft-clipping output stage, while the DYNAMIC will offer a 6-band stereo analog equalizer with the possibility to process the two stereo channels independently. Both will be able to work with frequencies of 44Khz-48Khz and can be used as a suite of mastering or as independent plug-in for track compression and EQing. Dynamic Features
  • Comp Drive: sets the compressor drive. from - 18 dB to + 18 dB
  • Sidechain Filter: sets the cutoff frequency of the high pass filter that the T-RackS compressor uses to filter the keying signal from 30 Hz to 250 Hz, log scale.
  • Attack: sets the average attack time for the compressor from 10 ms to 80 ms.
  • Release: sets the average release time for the compressor from 30 ms to 1.4 s.
  • Ratio: sets the ratio of the compressor (actually it sets the behavior of the algorithm in a way similar to adjusting "ratio" on a conventional compressor) from 1:1.5 to 1:5.
  • Stereo Image: adjusts the width of the stereo image, ranges from -5.0 to +5.0 dB
  • Comp Out: sets the "makeup" level for the compressor module from -18 dB to + 18 dB.
  • An analog VU-Meter will indicate the amount of gain reduction
  • Limit Drive: sets the amount of signal that's fed to the Limiter module from -18 dB to + 18 dB
  • Threshold: sets internal bands limiters thresholds, three knobs, one for each band. Ranges from -12 dB to +12 dB.
  • Level: sets internal bands limiters output levels, three knobs, one for each band. Ranges from -18 dB to +18 dB.
  • Crossover low: adjusts the frequency split points between low and mid bands from 30 Hz to 2 kHz.
  • Crossover high: adjusts the frequency split points between mid and high bands from 1 kHz to 20 kHz.
  • Release: adjusts the release time for the three bands together from 100 ms to approx 1.8 s.
  • Overload: adjusts the processing balance between limiting and clipping from -5 dB to +5 dB.
  • An analog VU-Meter will indicate the amount of gain reduction
    Soft-clipping stage
  • Clipping: Adjust the curve of the soft clipping. Ranges from -12 dB to 0 dB. -12 dB means very soft curve, 0 dB means totally hard clipping.
  • Out: it adjust the INPUT of the clipper. Ranges from -15 dB to +15 dB. In the DYNAMIC the meter will consists of three LED bars. L&R meters show the peak level at the output of the whole processor. The RMS meter shows the L&R channels average loudness. Equalizer Features
  • High Pass Filter: from OFF to 5 Khz
  • Low (F): Low shelving filter frequency from 30 to 800 Hz.
  • LowMid (F): Low-mid peaking filter frequency from 30 Hz to 6 KHz
  • HighMid (F): High-mid peaking filter frequency from 200 Hz to 20 KHz
  • High (F): High shelving filter frequency dial from 750 Hz to 10 KHz.
  • Low Pass Filter: from 200 Hz to OFF.
  • EQ Controls, bands gain: same for all 4 bands (Low, LowMid, HighMid, High). From -15.0 to +15.0 dB. Can be toggled to can be toggled between +/- 7.5 dB or +/- 15 dB.
  • Push buttons enable / disable the single EQ bands.
  • A scope-like display will show the frequency response resulting by the effect of all the bands. The T-RackS VS mastering plug-in suite will be available by Q2 and will have a MSRP of $/Euro 299.

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