MESSE: NI - Complete Guitar Rig In Your Computer

US Native Instruments launches a software/hardware product that could revolutionise the way we see guitar amplification      04/04/04

MESSE: NI - Complete Guitar Rig In Your Computer

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One of the biggest buzzes at the Franfurt Messe was about Native Instruments Guitar Rig, a complete computer-based sound processing system for guitar with a hardware foot controller as interface complete with switches and wah pedal. The whole shooting match is perhaps best explained by NI themselves so here's their press release: "GUITAR RIG is a revolutionary one-stop-solution for the demanding guitarist and producer. Combining a highly sophisticated software with a sturdy foot controller, GUITAR RIG forms a professional modular guitar studio that is as versatile as it is easy to use. GUITAR RIG opens up a whole universe of unique and signature guitar sounds - ranging from classic vintage tones to contemporary hi-gain metal sounds and far beyond. GUITAR RIG offers an arsenal of classic and modern guitar amplifiers, cabinets, microphones and effects, which can be freely combined in a virtual rack - letting guitarists easily create any guitar setup imaginable. Each and every component faithfully recreates the sound of the original unit through the use of highly sophisticated analog modeling technology. The outstanding sound quality, extensive features and wide ranging flexibility make GUITAR RIG an inspiring and truly versatile tool for the modern guitarist - on stage, for rehearsal, at home, on the road, and in the studio. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES GUITAR RIG integrates three classic tube amp emulations, which were developed through detail-exact analysis of the original amplifiers,the Mesa/Boogie Rectifier, Fender Twin Reverb and Marshall Plexi 50W. In addition there are more than 20 effects, including emulations of well-known vintage stomp-boxes and modern effects featuring various distortion and modulation pedals, dynamic effects, Talk Wah, Wah Wah, spring reverb and much more. GUITAR RIG also includes a versatile Cabinets and Mics module to take care of the crucial aspect of speaker and microphone choice and placement. Guitarists can choose from ten different speaker types and five different microphone types, which can then be set up in four different recording positions. Up to eight speakers, each with their own mic configuration, can be combined to form a serious wall of sound. The modular structure of GUITAR RIG makes it possible to freely combine any amplifier or effect in any order even several instances of the same module can be used in the same rig. Furthermore a special split module allows two parallel signal paths with different amplifiers, cabinets and effects that can then again be joined, mixed and even crossfaded. FIRST-CLASS SOUND NATIVE INSTRUMENTS is known for its outstanding emulations of hardware instruments. More than two years of dedicated research went into the faithful recreation of the amplifiers and effect units found in GUITAR RIG, all based on sophisticated analog modeling algorithms. A newly developed 'Dynamic Tube Response' technology provides authentic tube sound with unprecedented realism and responsiveness. The sound characteristics of various speakers and microphones are painstakingly emulated through advanced impulse response modeling technology. BE IN CONTROL
GUITAR RIG includes the newly developed foot controller 'Rig Kontrol' which offers four foot switches and a parameter pedal. Rig Kontrol allows for convenient preset selection and direct control over any parameter of the GUITAR RIG software the user assigns to it. All parameter data is transmitted from the foot controller to the computer via a second dedicated audio channel, making GUITAR RIG a completely MIDI-free solution without any setup hassles. With its functional design and sturdy metal construction, Rig Kontrol is built to last. It also integrates a high-quality D.I. box for connecting the guitar to the computer soundcard. No additional hardware is required. RECORD AND PLAY ALONG GUITAR RIG is also an outstanding partner for rehearsal and tuition - including not only a metronome and a precise tuner module, but also multiple 'Tape Deck' modules for audio playback and recording. Tape Deck modules allow users to play back and play alongside any kind of audio material from repeating drum loops to complete MP3 songs or their own guitar recordings. A high-quality time stretching feature allows for the modification of the pitch or speed of the audio playback at will, without compromising audio quality. Tape Deck modules can also be used to record a guitar performance - with or without effects, and with or without any accompanying audio playback. Combining this with the possibility to play back, tweak, layer and re-record any performance over and over with two simultaneous Tape Decks, GUITAR RIG is ready for some downright creative mayhem while staying perfectly intuitive and accessible all the time. GUITAR RIG already comes loaded with a comprehensive library of high-quality audio loops of various styles to play along and get inspired by. LIVE AND IN THE STUDIO GUITAR RIG can run as a standalone application without the need for any host software - making it an ideal tool for live performance and practice sessions. The foot controller even makes it possible to use GUITAR RIG without touching, or even seeing, the computer. GUITAR RIG also supports all major plug-in formats and audio sequencers, making it an invaluable tool for recording, postproduction, and sound design." Supported Interfaces: VST, Audio Units, RTAS, DXI ASIO, Core Audio, DirectSound Minimum Requirements: Windows XP, Pentium 700 MHz/Athlon 1 GHz, 128 MB RAM Mac OS 10.2.6, G4 733 MHz, 128 MB RAM Recommended System: Windows XP, Pentium/Athlon 1.4 GHz, 256 MB RAM Mac OS 10.3, G4 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM Guitar Rig should be shipping in the second quarter of this year at the suggested retail price of $ 499 / 449 Euros. Check out the video demo which should be up soon at More from:
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