MESSE: Congratulations Mrs Marshall - It's an Amp!!!

US Marshall re-issues the vintage 'baby' Marshalls and the 'Plexi'      04/04/04

MESSE: Congratulations Mrs Marshall - It's an Amp!!!
Marshall's 20W 2061 stack

Because of their great sound, certain recordings they were used on and the fact that they are exceedingly rare, there are certain vintage Marshall amps that are talked about in hushed tones by those in the know. Original vintage examples will still remain as hard to find as ever but brand new versions are now available again as Marshall have announced the launch of an ongoing range of handwired amplifiers and matching speaker cabinets starting with three of the most sought after - the 'Plexi' 100W head and the two 'baby' Marshalls the 18W combo and 20W stack. Here's what Marshall have to say about the new additions to their brood: The first units chosen for handwire re-issue are amongst the most recorded amplifiers ever made and for many artists represent the ultimate in guitar tone. In fact during development these amplifiers have received unparalleled attention from 'artists in the know'. Our team of designers has gone to enormous lengths to seek out and/or reproduce all of the original components and materials used, as well as revisiting the original methods of construction employed in the 1960s and '70s. Production techniques at our UK manufacturing H.Q. have been honed and in particular the handwired matrix boards can truly boast the tag 'point-to-point perfection'. Our primary objective has been to achieve maximum authenticity in terms of components, circuitry, constructional methods, materials, specifications, aesthetics, signal path, performance, tonal characteristics and feel. We are delighted to say that our suppliers were equally as exacting in their tasks - none more so than Dagnall Transformers and Celestion Speakers. The main characteristic that all these amps share is their simplicity of operation and superb natural valve tone. Achieving the beautifully organic and vibrant tone, which is the trademark of these models, can only be done in one way - crank 'em up! The result is sweetly distorted, harmonically rich, thick, musical tones resulting from the power valves being overdriven. 1974X UK RRP - 1,199.00 GBP The 1974X is a Class-A, all-valve, 18 Watt, two-channel, 1x12" combo with valve driven tremolo. The original versions of this wonderful sounding amplifier were produced between the years 1966 and 1968 and are now extremely rare and much sought after. The 1974X is an extremely straightforward amplifier. Channel 1 (the non-tremolo channel) only boasts two, self-explanatory controls: Volume and Tone; while Channel 2, the Tremolo Channel, boasts four - namely Volume and Tone, plus Speed and Intensity for the valve driven tremolo circuit. Our proprietary, re-issued and 'aged' 20 Watt Celestion speaker also contributes to the combo's unique, punchy yet smooth sound. As a result, when 'cranked' the 1974X is incredibly touch sensitive, cleaning up or, if desired, sitting right on the edge of distortion when the guitar's volume is turned down. It responds well to picking dynamics too, 'sagging' nicely when you play like you really mean it and, once again, cleaning up as you pull back on your picking attack. 1974CX UK RRP - 449.00 GBP The 1974CX is a 1x12", 20 Watt, extension speaker cabinet designed for use with the 1974X combo, using the same proprietary 'aged' Celestion speaker as the combo. The speaker is handwired to the mono jack connector using heavy grade wire and the cabinet is built to our traditional high standards. It is a perfect match sonically and cosmetically. 2061X UK RRP - 999.00 GBP The 2061X is a Class-A, cathode-biased, all-valve, 20 Watt, two-channel head. Originally produced between the years 1967 and 1973 these toneful amplifiers are now highly collectable. The 2061X's front panel layout is simple yet versatile, with both of its channels having only a Volume and Tone control each. Like all Marshall, all-valve amplifiers, the 2061X sounds at its very best when turned up full - and because of its relatively low wattage this can be done at ear friendly volumes, making it a wonderful recording tool. Unlike its 18 Watt predecessors which boasted an EZ81 rectifier, the 2061X features a solid-state, silicon diode rectifying device and is a much more aggressive and surprisingly modern sounding amplifier, while still possessing that unmistakable and highly desirable, low-wattage, vintage, all valve tone. 2061CX UK RRP - 499.00 GBP The 2061CX is a 2x12", 60 Watt, extension speaker cabinet designed for use with the 2061X head. The two Celestion G12H-30 speakers deliver warmth and full vintage tone. The speakers are handwired to the mono jack connector using heavy grade wire and the large sized cabinet is built to our traditional high standards. Used in conjunction with the 2061X 20W head, the sound is amongst the richest and complex in the whole Marshall catalogue. 1959HW UK RRP - 1,299.00 GBP The 1959 Plexi defined the sound of rock. The unique and unsurpassed sound of the EL34 driven 100W Marshall power stage pushed into overdrive, was used by artists such as Pete Townshend and Jimi Hendrix to create sounds previously unimagined. The 1959 head first saw the light of day in late 1965 and was affectionately dubbed the Plexi because of the material used for both its front and rear panels. Although we continued to build 1959s, the now legendary Plexi-era came to an end in July 1969 when we started using gold anodized aluminium panels instead of Plexiglas. While all original Plexi 1959s are held in the highest esteem, several subtly different but tonally significant circuit variations existed - the most celebrated and revered versions being those made between 1967 and 1969. The 1959HW reflects the early circuit variations of the 1959 model and has been authenticated by Jim Marshall and his R&D team to be vintage correct. Components of the highest possible quality were used and the tagboards point to point wired to the exact layout as the original. The impressively oversized re-issue output and mains transformers have been recreated by Dagnall transformers to the exact specifications of the 'Golden References' kept in the museum at Marshall UK. Its two channels - Channel I and Channel II - each have two inputs (High and Low sensitivity) and separate Volume controls, while sharing the amplifier's four tone controls: Presence, Bass, Middle and Treble. When turned up full it has astonishing projection and is a formidable live amplifier in even the largest of venues. A truth its impressive history has proven time and again, from the mid '60s to the current day. 1960AHW and 1960BHW UK RRP - 599.00 GBP each The 1960AHW (angled) and 1960BHW (straight) are 4x12", 120 Watt, speaker cabinets. Equipped with Celestion G12H-30 speakers they are perfect for use with the 1959HW or any vintage head. The speakers are handwired to the mono jack connector using heavy grade wire. Metal grab handles, precision 'finger locked' (comb) joints and the finest materials ensure these cabinets will not only sound superb, but will last a lifetime. More from
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