MESSE04: Roland and Cakewalk Get Groovy With SP606

US It's a groove sampler and Cakewalk did the software      02/04/04

MESSE04: Roland and Cakewalk Get Groovy With SP606
Cakewalk and Roland get connected

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There's something a little bit different about the new SP-606, firstly, it's got 16 velocity sensitive pads, D-Beam and V-LINK control, plus USB/CompactFlash compatibility. The new SP also heralds a new collaboration between Roland and Cakewalk, as it comes with a software component - the new P606 phrase generator/virtual groovebox for comprehensive sample library and editing capabilities. The SP-606's 8-voices are 16-bit 44.1kHz with extensive slice and dice editing of samples via the onboard Chop function. A powerful 18,000 note 4-track MIDI sequencer with BPM Sync enables time stretching of audio phrases while the graphic LCD with waveform display allows zooming in during editing of Start and End points. The newly developed velocity sensitive pads provide a user friendly interface, laid out in a 4x4 grid for intuitive control over rhythm programming and phrase audio operation. Plus the D Beam controller and V-LINK video control have been included to let you create unique phrasing and real-time effects generation during performance or playback. Video clips can be triggered in sync with playback when used with Edirol's DV-7PR or P-1. There are 40 multi effects onboard, including popular SP-505 effects such as Isolator, Filter + Drive, Slicer, Reverb and Tape Echo as well as new effects and an independent Mastering Effect for final mixing. Effect settings can be added and tweaked in realtime via the SP-606's front panel knobs, or re-sampled to another pad in realtime. The External Sequence Sampling feature allows for easy capturing of audio loops generated by MIDI-based machines via connection to an external MIDI workstation, such as the MC-909. Under MIDI control, the SP-606 is able to detect the start and end points of the audio loop and perform a perfect capture. A CompactFlash memory slot with up to 512MB capacity is included for storing audio samples and .WAV/AIFF files. A USB port facilitates transfer of MIDI data, audio files & audio stream downloading as well as .WAV/AIFF files. In combination, the CompactFlash and USB port enables importing or exporting of .WAV/AIFF files without requiring a separate Compact Flash reader/writer. The SP-606 also offers a coaxial S/PDIF I/O. Cakewalk's P606
The unit comes bundled with powerful P606 software from Cakewalk, eliminating the need for a static CD library. The PC-based P606 software functions as a phrase generator/virtual groovebox, integrating with the SP-606 via the USB MIDI/audio interface. Three kinds of software synthesizers - analog modeling, groovesynth and ACIDized file player - are offered, as well as a loop sequencer, eight effect plug-ins and onscreen control over Mix. As a master controller, the SP-606 can easily import, edit and playback P606 tracks via the USB connection.
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