MESSE:Steinberg and Yamaha Cosy Up

US      31/03/04

MESSE:Steinberg and Yamaha Cosy Up
This cunning diagram spells it out.

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It's just a strategic alliance to develop open standards for the total integration of hardware and software Well whaddya know? Collaboration is the name of the game if you want to set standards, and Yamaha and Steinberg are clearly aiming for just that. Both companies are celebrating 30 years of synth making and 20 years of software innovation respectively so now would seem as good a time as any. The idea behind this alliance is to allow closer integration of systems within the work environment. Officially, the goal of the Studio Connections project is to "enable the strengths of both hardware and software to be seamlessly combined to produce powerful, flexible and highly efficient audio production systems." Yamaha's OPT and Studio Manager software enable patching and library management of their mLAN hardware, meaning that routing, EQ and dynamic settings, plus digital clock etc can be recalled at will. Initial hardware and software product releases from Yamaha and Steinberg are planned for the second half of this year. "A very important goal of this initiative is to create open cross-platform solutions with protocols that will be available for adoption by all audio hardware and software developers" stated Charlie Steinberg, co-founder of Steinberg. The first phase of the Studio Connections initiative utilizes a completely new version of Yamaha's Studio Manager technology which is being integrated within Steinberg's DAW applications, Cubase SX and Nuendo. Studio Manager V2 functions as the host for a wide range of editing software for hardware products such as digital mixing consoles, synthesizers, effects processors, etc. "By directly integrating Studio Manager 2 technology inside the DAW programs, musicians and sound engineers will be able to benefit from total recall of their entire hardware/software systems" commented Katsuhiro Tokuda, division manager of PA/DMI division from Yamaha. Studio Manager 2 technology will be integrated inside the DAW programs and offer total recall of entire hardware/software systems. Total recall of music and media production systems is the specific Phase One goal of the Studio Connections initiative. In parallel, Yamaha and Steinberg are collaborating in the development of further standards to provide even tighter integration and increased functionality in the near future. To be continued..
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