MESSE: Doepfer Go Module Crazy

US Part one of this modular trilogy - controllers      30/03/04

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Doepfer have been at the forefront of modular synthesis for a number of years. There has been a constant stream of inovation producing unique products that sound good and look great. Dieter Doepfer wasn't at NAMM this year and was missed - it looks like he's making up for it with a slew of releases. So here go the first two - controllers (the rest will have to wait until I get to Germany). These have been seen in early demo status at last years MESSE and NAMM but they are now available (or almost available) for purchase. Press releases follow..... MIDI Trautonium/Ribbon Controller We will present in Frankfurt the MIDI and CV/Gate version of the Trautonium/Ribbon Controller A-198 (the A-198 is already available as part of the A-100 analog modular system). The same 50 cm long ribbon manual as for the A-198 is used. Instead of the A-198 module a small stand alone box with Midi and analog outputs (CV1, CV2, Gate) is used to interface the ribbon controller to both Midi and CV/Gate equipment. The box will be available even without the ribbon manual for those customers who already own the A-198 and want to use the manual to control Midi equipment or other analog equipment than A-100. The two sensors of the manual (position and pressure) can be assigned to different Midi functions, e.g. note on/off, pitch-bend, velocity, after touch and any MIDI controller. The Midi channel can be selected for each parameter and a lot of different modes are available (e.g. some quantizing and arpeggio modes, gate legato/retrigger and many more). Several user presets will be available to store complete settings of the device. The controller will be available about May 2004. Organ Master Keyboard The prototype of an organ keyboard that is intended to control software based organ emulations (e.g. Native Instruments B4) is presented in Frankfurt. It will be equipped with typical organ controls (5 octave organ type waterfall keyboard, 2 x 9 draw bars/faders and a lot of buttons, rotary controls and LEDs). The case will not be ready for the fair so that we will show the "naked" keyboard with electronics only. The keyboard will be equipped with Midi and USB. For further details visit the Doepfer web site (
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