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US Accessories here and accessories there - Yamaha have them everywhere      29/03/04

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Just to top off their offerings at the MESSE Yamaha have brought forward a host of interfaces and accessories. These are the MY16-C Mini-YGDAI CobraNet Interface Card, the AD8HR AD Converter with Remote Preamp, the MLA8 Mic Line Amplifier and the Artist1D Optical Interface by Riedel. We've yet to see these in the flesh but we hope to find out the inside line on the show floor over the next couple of days. In the mean time you'll have to satisfy yourselves with details gathered from press releases. So here it comes.... MY16-C is a long awaited CobraNet compliant Mini-YGDAI card for use with Yamaha digital systems such as DME64N, DME24N, PM5D and DM2000 letting users construct CobraNet based digital audio network systems. MY16-C supports 16-channel I/Os, and sampling rate of up to 96 kHz. AD8HR is a new generation 8 channel remote mic preamp/AD converter combining unparalleled sound quality with a host of innovative functions in 1U rack size. Using AD8HR, Yamaha digital consoles such as PM5D, DM2000 and DM1000 can have a remotely placed high quality mic preamps derived from PM5000, digitally connected via 24bit/96 kHz compatible AD converter, and control their gain in step of 1dB, filter and phantom power from the console. The MLA8 is an eight-channel head amplifier inheriting the head-amp technology of the acclaimed DM2000 for high-quality sound reproduction. Notwithstanding its space-saving 1U design, the MLA8 equips you with a 26dB pad, a 44dB fully adjustable gain tri, an 80Hz HPF, and a phantom-power switch on each channel, as well as Euroblock terminals and 25-pin D-sub connectors, which makes the perfect affinity with YAMAHA digital mixers. The Artist1D Optical Interface is developed by Riedel, the leader in the radio and intercom systems, in collaboration with Yamaha. Artist 1D offers a Fiber Optic cable solution for PM1D. Now the CS1D(control surface of PM1D) and DSP1D(DSP Engine) and I/O units can be connected via up to 500m of dual redundant fiber optic cables, communicating 80 channels of audio bi-directionally. All these products can be organically connected to offer flexible systems for sound installations or offer a solution that can control the total sound production process from input stage to the output stage. For example, you can combine PM5D with DME24N via MY16-C CobraNet card to create a very flexibly configurable and recallable sound system for the Entertainment venues, or cascade PM5D and DME64N via 68P cable to create 64 matrix outs, and control from PM5D additional GEQ, Master fader, Cross Over, Delay and Matrix Mixer components created on DME64N to make a very powerful system in live sound production. Check out the extensive Yamaha Musik MESSE coverage on their web site for further details ( We'll bring you some more shots and details from the show floor - check out our MESSE coverage ( as it grows day by day.
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