MESSE: Vox Box Rocks

US The new Tonelab SE combines amp and effect modelling with tube-driven sound in a rugged all-in-one pedalboard      29/03/04

MESSE: Vox Box Rocks
Tonelab SE - step on it...

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Vox had the great idea of putting a tube in their Tonelab amp modeller for realistic tube overdrive in the studio and now they have announced a new expanded version that is more suitable for live use. The Tonelab SE is a multi-effect modelling pedal board complete with a pair of built-in expression pedals. Featuring numerous amp, cabinet and effects models from the Valvetronic series, the Tonelab SE has a user-friendly knob-based interface for ease of use. The two expression pedals can be assigned to control more than just the standard wah and volume and there are assignable control pedals for effects switching and parameter control such as tap tempo. Quality sound is achieved by the use of a real tube in the VOX Valve Reactor circuit which uses a 12AX7 triode vacuum tube together with an actual low-wattage tube power amp circuit, a virtual output transformer, and a dummy speaker circuit that simulates the impedance changes of a real speaker. It also reconfigures itself so that its characteristics are the same as the amps it's modelling (class A, class AB, negative feedback circuit, etc.) This means that all of the nuances of the original amp model including sound, feel, distortion and presence are reproduced. Packaged with dedicated editing software the SE also features a chromatic tuner and can store 96 sounds including 32 preset programs. With a wide range of effects that range from stompbox to studio-quality types theTonelab SE is a completely self-contained floor pedal system but you can integrate your existing effects by connecting them to the SE send and return sockets. More info:
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