Digidesigns New Pro Tools LE Bundles

Factory and BLUE Factory, along with Factory Hardware Exchanges      26/03/04

Buying Choices
Digidesign have announced two new Pro Toole LE bundles, the Pro Tools LE Factory & BLUE Factory bundles, and Factory Hardware Exchanges. The LE Factory bundles include an Mbox, a Digi 002 Rack, or a Digi 002 along with up to over ??1200 worth of Bomb Factory plug-ins - additional to those that already ship with all regular Pro Tools systems. Pro Tools LE BLUE Factory bundles offer even greater savings along with a Pro Tools LE Factory system and a BLUE Microphones Bluebird mic and accessory kit. Owners of current LE systems also have the option of saving by exchanging their current system for a Factory system. Pro Tools LE Factory Bundles The newest members of the Pro Tools LE family, the LE Factory bundles offer a complete set of professional plug-ins right out of the box. The bundles Bomb Factory components alone make up an impressive selection of professional plug-in options. Combined with the Bomb Factory Digidesign and Music Production Enhancement Suite plug-ins and software tools that all Pro Tools systems include, each LE Factory bundle comprises a self-contained, full-featured studio. Mbox Factory systems include:
  • Mbox system (hardware and software)
  • Pre-authorised iLok Key
  • moogerfooger Analog Delay by Bomb Factory
  • JOEMEEK SC2 Compressor by Bomb Factory
  • JOEMEEK VC5 Meequalizer by Bomb Factory
  • Cosmonaut Voice by Bomb Factory
  • Maxim by Digidesign Digi 002 Rack Factory and Digi 002 Factory systems include:
  • Digi 002 Rack or Digi 002 system (hardware and software)
  • Pre-authorised iLok Key
  • Bomb Factory BF-3A by Bomb Factory
  • moogerfooger Ring Modulator by Bomb Factory
  • moogerfooger Analog Delay by Bomb Factory
  • SansAmp PSA-1 by Bomb Factory
  • Cosmonaut Voice by Bomb Factory
  • JOEMEEK SC2 Compressor by Bomb Factory
  • JOEMEEK VC5 Meequalizer by Bomb Factory
  • Tel-Ray Variable Delay by Bomb Factory
  • Voce?? Spin by Bomb Factory
  • Voce Chorus/Vibrato by Bomb Factory For users who already own a Pro Tools LE system but wish to purchase the Factory bundle plug-ins, Digidesign is offering an LE Factory plug-in-only bundle to all existing, registered Pro Tools LE owners until 15th June, 2004. Those plug-in bundles can be purchased through a dealer or Digidesign's online DigiStore. (A valid system serial number will be required if purchased through the DigiStore.) Pro Tools LE BLUE Factory Bundles - Limited-time Offer
    Those who would like to take advantage of a pro microphone solution for their personal studio can purchase a Pro Tools LE BLUE Factory bundle from April 1, 2004, until June 30, 2004. Total savings add up to nearly ??900 with the Mbox BLUE Factory bundle and over ??1200 with the Digi 002 Rack or Digi 002 BLUE Factory bundles. Like the regular Factory bundles, the BLUE Factory bundles include a Pro Tools LE system and its respective LE Factory plug-in bundle and add a discounted BLUE Bluebird mic and its accessory kit (BirdNest pop filter, BirdCage shock mount, and a premium Blueberry cable). Specifically developed by BLUE for Digidesign, the Bluebird's neutral character and rich midrange response make it an ideal microphone for recording vocals, drums and acoustic stringed instruments. Pro Tools LE Digi 002/Digi 002 Rack Factory Bundle Hardware Exchanges
    The Digi 002/Digi 002 Rack Hardware Exchange program provides the opportunity for registered owners of Digi 001, Mbox, or Digi ToolBox/Audiomedia III to exchange up to a 96 kHz-capable, FireWire-based 002 Factory system. Visit www.digidesign.com/exchange for details. Hardware Exchanges to Pro Tools|HD from Digi 001, Mbox, and Digi ToolBox/Audiomedia III systems continue to be available through local Digidesign dealers. Additionally, exchanges up to Pro Tools|HD from Digi 002 and Digi 002 Rack are available for those ready to move up to the world of professional Pro Tools TDM systems. For more information, visit Digidesign's website at
  • www.digidesign.com.


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