Clavia Modular G2 Hard And Soft Upgrades

US V1.1 and voice expansion      18/03/04

Clavia Modular G2 Hard And Soft Upgrades
The G2 Modular

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The Nord Modular G2 was first announced at last years Messe as a new development follwing on from the Nord Modular. The new Modular G2 modular synthesizer platform focusses on live performance features. The G2 platform comes in two "parts": the hardware synthesizer and the graphical PC Patch Editor. The Nord Modular G2 features an extensive amount of powerful and exciting synthesizer building blocks that may be patched and edited from the intuitive and elegant Modular G2 Patch Editor software. Once you have created your patches in the Editor program you can store everything in the G2 synthesizer for live performance use and editing from the flexible and intuitive synth front panel. OS and Editor V1.10 features Master/MIDI Clock Sync of LFO and Audio Delay times and number of bug fixes and improvements. With V1.10 comes also a new Factory Sound Library with new great patches and Performances (multi-patch setups). The Nord Modular G2 V1.10 Update and new Factory Sound Library can be downloaded at, free of charge! At the same time, Clavia also announces the Voice Expansion board for the G2. The Voice Expansion board makes it possible to expand the polyphony in your G2 patches to twice the original. The Voice Expansion board features four extra DSPs and RAM circuits and is very easy to install in the G2. The Voice Expansion board will also be compatible with the soon to be released rack mountable Nord Modular G2 Engine. Hans Nordelius shows off the G2 at last years MESSE Nord Modular G2 V1.10 features
  • Over 150 different types of flexible modules including Oscillators, Filters, Envelopes, Vocoder, Physical Modelling, Reverb, Delay, Frequency Shifter, Pitch Tracker, Sequencers, LFOs, MIDI modules etc.
  • Master Clock/MIDI Clock sync of LFO rates and Audio Delay times
  • Instant access to 120 patch parameters from the synth front panel makes it a breeze to tweak and edit your sounds in real-time!
  • 8 Patch Variations which lets you create and store 8 complete parameter setups per Patch for instant recall from the synth front panel.
  • 8 Morph Groups per patch which lets you control sets of parameters from single control sources (Mod Wheel, Pitch Stick, Keyboard Velocity, Keyboard Range, Aftertouch, Control Pedal, Sustain Pedal and/or Assignable Knobs.)
  • Performances (multi patch set-ups)
  • Internal audio and MIDI buses between the patches
  • MIDI modules for control and automation of external MIDI equipment
  • USB connection between G2 and PC Editor for super-tight real time communication
  • 4 separate Audio Ins plus an XLR Mic input with built-in preamp makes the Nord Modular G2 the perfect sound processor.
  • 4 separate Audio Outs
  • Self-optimizing modules offer bigger patches and greater polyphony
  • Intelligent ???module replace??? functionality with preserved cable connections
  • Multiple Undo functionality in the Modular G2 Editor
  • 3-octave velocity and aftertouch sensitive keyboard, Mod Wheel and Pitch Stick
  • Internal RAM for Reverb and Delay effects, Physical Modelling and more
  • Freely assignable Mod Wheel, Pitch Stick and Pedal inputs
  • Large internal memory for storing Patches and Performances (multi patches)
  • Extremely compact patch file size (3 kB) for easy sharing
  • 24-bit resolution and 96 kHz internal processing for highest possible sound quality
  • Crystal clear 24-bit, 96 kHz ADCs and DACs PRICES: - Update and sounds are free of charge when downloaded at
    G2 Voice Expansion board: Approximately Euro 399.-
    SHIP DATES: V1.10 Update: NOW, Voice Expansion board: April 2004
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