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As readers of this site will no doubt be aware, we got rather excited about the possibilities offered by Yamaha's mLAN technology. Mostly, it has to be said , due to the introduction of the O1X audio/MIDI/remote interface, which is the first unit to combine all the common needs of a DAW user into one compact and affordable package. Apple are obviously also sharing Yamaha's vision as they have incorporated mLAN into the latest OS X update 10.3.3, which can now be downloaded using Software Update, accessible via System Preferences.. As Nick Howes demonstrated at the recent Sounds Expo in London,the efficiency of the CoreAudio drivers is now very impressive and ensures low latency throughout. In addition, the simultaneous release of mLAN firmware updates for current products from Kurzweil, Presonus, and Apogee guarantees mLAN compatibility for all currently available mLAN products with the new Apple OS X update Mac OS X v10.3.3. Once the Apple update is installed, you can then visit to download the mLAN Tools for Mac OS X from Yamaha and, if necessary, download firmware updates for current mLAN products like the Presonus Firestation, Apogee AD8000 and Kurzweil KSP8. is an independent website hosted by Keyfax New Media, on behalf of the entire mLAN marketing alliance. As mLAN is an open protocol, the entire mLAN community will be pointing their customers to this site to find the necessary software tools for managing mLAN network connections, as well as all the firmware updates applicable to their mLAN products. An easy- to- use Download Wizard at, directs users on what files and firmware updates they need to download for each of the various computer platforms. mLAN is available for Windows XP, Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X and provides connection and control of musical networks over IEEE 1394 FireWire. This allows products from a growing number of musical instrument and pro audio companies to connect together in local area networks for music production. The continuing expansion of support for mLAN by hardware manufacturers, software developers, chip design companies and OS platform vendors underscores that the music industry recognizes the need for an open networking protocol for FireWire as opposed to single- ended, peer- to- peer solutions.
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