Moog Voyager gets OS 2.0

Pot Mapping - how did we live without it?      14/03/04

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Those nice folk at Moog never seem to rest - just when you think they'd stop and party a-while to celebrate Bob's 50th year in the biz, they come out with a bunch of new stuff. Well OK, it's not really 'a bunch'... more a sprig... and it's a tweak of an existing product... but hey, they're still at it! The Voyager (the 50th Anniversary editions of which are now shipping, btw) gets an update with Operating System version 2.0 - here's what they say about it:- "At its heart the Voyager is a 100% pure analog synth; the newest operating system fully releases its modern capabilities - including transmitting High Resolution MIDI Continuous Control messages from the Voyager's front panel, a powerful, new internal modulation matrix called 'Pot Mapping', and create a polyphonic Minimoog using multiple Voyagers. A brief summary of the new features follows:
  • Transmit MIDI Pitch Bend, Aftertouch, and CC messages from Left Hand Controller, Keyboard, Touch Surface and Front Panel Controls. New 'Master Mode' Features:
  • Voyager Device ID and MIDI Key Order: Allows the chaining together of up to 16 Voyagers for a monster polyphonic synth.
  • Velocity Curve: Adjust the velocity curves to your playing. New 'Edit Mode' Features:
  • Compare your sound to a Preset sound
  • Adjust the Pitch Bend range
  • Programmable Shaping Sources route control signals from the keyboard, left-hand wheels, and front panel pots to affect Modulation
  • Trigger filter envelope and volume envelope from Gate Sources other than the keyboard
  • Use the Touch Surface to instantly trigger front panel switches on/off
  • Map Pot Sources and Destinations in a 4x4 matrix And More -
    New 'Panel Mode' function allows you to Compare Sounds The new features are a continuation of Moog's commitment to listening to customers' input to provide the most responsive instrument possible, as many of the new features were requested by Voyager users. The software is field upgradeable and available FREE for existing Voyager customers on the Moog Music website "
    So there y'go - now you can map those pots. And 'Compare Sounds' too (though frankly I was under the illusion that I could do that even without a Voyager). I must admit, the Anniversary edition does look mighty fine - and there's a long list of the mutt's nuts of contemporary keyboard players who've already snapped up one - or in fact several; apparently Chad Hugo of The Nerds (ahem!) is on his fifth Voyager... now what *is* he doing with them all?


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