NAMM: Denon releases DN-X1500 tabletop mixer

Pro DJ mixer for the masses      13/02/04

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Denon have been hard at work over the fall and winter to bring a raft of new products to be unveiled at this years NAMM show. They range from the DN-D4000, a dual CD/MP3 player, through to a 7" vinyl adapter for their active platter CD/MP3 players. I'll be bring you details of these in the next few news items. I'm starting with the DN-X1500 mixer.

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The DN-X1500 is a new tabletop mixer design to compliment the Denon range of tabletop CD/MP3 players as well as those from other manufacturers. Aimed squarely at the performing DJ and turntablist its rugged enough to stand the rigors of being dragged in and out of venues. With a wide range of effects and an onboard sampler this unit should mmet most DJ requirements.

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The press release follows (with full details and lots of superlatives).

Denon DJ is proud to unveil the new DN-X1500 4-channel 12" mixer, the latest addition to Denon's ongoing line of professional DJ equipment. Designed to complement its critically acclaimed DN-S5000 and DN-S3000 tabletop CD/MP3 players, this new tabletop mixer features a built-in sampler, matrix switching, effects, and a USB port. The Denon DN-X1500 offers an intuitive control surface that is adaptable to any application and suited to the diverse needs of turntablists and mobile DJs performing in clubs, bars, and an endless array of venues.

Based on Denon's award-winning design and extensive history in the development of advanced DJ technology, the DN-X1500 offers 4 full-featured channels integrated with the 'world's first' 8-channel input matrix control. Each channel features 45mm channel faders, Gain control w/PFL levels, and 3-band EQ (on/off switchable) with parametric frequency adjustment, as well as a 'studio-quality' 45mm P&G (Penny & Giles) multi-channel assignable crossfader with Contour control. Main Mic and Aux Mic inputs (one-XLR and two-1/4" TRS) are included with Main and Aux/Sub level control and EQ. On/Off Talk Over and Post switches are also provided.

The DN-X1500 comes with a host of onboard digital effects and features such as an 8 second sampler, 9 effect types, and an Auto/Tap/Manual BPM counter. The sampler utilizes audio from any of 6 mixer sources (Ch1/2/3/4, Mic, Master), and offers edit options including Loop, Reverse, Reverse Loop, and Single playback, with overall Pitch Control adjustment of up to +/-100%. Effects include cutting-edge DSP processing, along with Delay, Echo1, Echo2, Filter 1, Filter 2, Flanger, Auto Pan, Trans, and Key %.

An external stereo send/return Effects Loop is provided and can be used in conjunction with the internal effects giving the DJ an abundance of power across multiple channels. Aux Out options include REC Out (stereo, RCA) and Booth Out (unbalanced, RCA) with Level control, which offers a unique and practical assign switch to monitor any channel and effects beforehand. The Digital (coaxial) output utilizes audiophile quality 24-bit Burr Brown converters for optimum sound quality. The DN-X1500's Master Out section has separately attenuatable Balanced (stereo, XLR) and Unbalanced (stereo, RCA) outputs with Master Balance VR control and Stereo/Mono select switches on all XLR and RCA jacks. A stereo headphone output with preset selectable EQ features Headphone Cue, Effects Cue, Mono/Split/Stereo, and Cue/PGM/Pan controls, which provides added monitoring options for the DJ.

The DN-X1500's feature set is further enhanced with easy-to-read individual PFL input meters and a highly luminescent FL Tube display for controlling effects. Denon has also provided another groundbreaking mixer technology by outfitting the unit with a USB port for onboard software and effects upgrades, which are created in response to user input and offered free of charge via web download. An optional 19" rack mount kit will also be available.

and available now!

The Denon DN-X1500 4-channel DJ mixer will be available January 2004 with an MSRP of $999.00.

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