WNAMM04: DigiDelivery - Media File Transfer Solution

US Digidesign have acquired Rocket Networks and come up with...      27/01/04

WNAMM04: DigiDelivery - Media File Transfer Solution
So simple, yet so clever

Digidesign and Emagic always seem to have a stand next to each other at NAMM - and great big luxurious ones they are too. Digi a lot of demo space and an enormous rack of hardware - one item being the new DigiDelivery server, a 1-unit computer that could set "the new standard in secure, global file transfer". Combining an ultra-simple software utility with an industrial grade server appliance, DigiDelivery enables users to securely exchange any kind of digital file of virtually any size with anyone in the world. With DigiDelivery installed on an Ethernet network, DSL or cable modem, users simply drag and drop files to send a delivery, or click a link in an email to receive a delivery ­ there’s no need for recipients to enter IP addresses, usernames, or passwords. DigiDelivery is faster, more secure, and more reliable than FTP or overnight deliveries. The application, while obviously dead handy for the ProTools users for transferring sessions and multi-track files hither and thither over the globe, will surely make sense for moving mixes for approval, artwork and videos etc or any large files and could make sense to anyone with the need. The concept is simple, but no doubt behind the placid blue panel, there's all sorts of fiendishly clever stuff going on. DigiDelivery features include:
  • Exchange any kind of file of virtually any size with anyone in the world
  • Robust network appliance installs on your existing network, cable modem, or DSL
  • Ultra-simple Send Wizard easy enough to use without instructions
  • Pro Tools® media files automatically included with the session file
  • 128-bit encryption for military-grade security from sender to recipient
  • Lossless compression for speed and reliability (optional)
  • Email sent to recipients as soon as delivery is ready
  • One-click secure downloads – Recipients don’t need accounts, passwords, etc.
  • Interrupted deliveries automatically pick up where they left off
  • Sender receives email confirmation when each recipient downloads delivery
  • Deliveries automatically deleted from server after all recipients have successfully downloaded
  • No per-use or subscription fees
  • All administration managed with standard Web browsers
  • Guest accounts prevent “Hijacking”
  • Fully-customizable email
  • Automated reporting for billing clients DigiDelivery comes in two versions, the single account Serve|LT and the unlimited accounts Serve|GT For more information:
  • www.digidelivery.net
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