NAMM: Waldorf + TerraTec Electronic Cosy Up

US An Exclusive Alliance for Future Products...      26/01/04

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Speculation has been rife on the future of Waldorf since they have been rather quiet in the last 12 months. What with the recent demise and reincarnation of many of hi-techs finest it ain't surprising that tongues are a wagging. In this latest manouver, Terratec Producer , TerraTec Electronic GmbH's division for professional audio production solutions, has extended its product range by forging an alliance with Waldorf AG. Henceforth, all upcoming Waldorf products will be marketed exclusively by TerraTec. Initial results of the fledgling partnership will debut at the Frankfurt Musikmesse in March 2004. Sonic State will be sure to drop by and get the full skinny at the show - could we be in for a new product? Corporate Gumph Follows
TerraTec launched TerraTec Producer in March of last year, dedicating this new business unit to professional MI products. The division has its own sales force, product development team, and branding. TerraTec Producer's incipient product line was unveiled at the 2003 Frankfurt Musikmesse under the brand name PHASE. Heiko Meertz, General Manager of TerraTec Electronic GmbH, notes, "We're aiming to bundle the benefits of the two partners by converging Waldorf's excellence in sound generation with TerraTec's ability to incorporate this expertise in computer application. First, we'll focus on developing products in a joint effort to bridge the gap between two worlds that to date have been disparate.” For 14 years, the brand name Waldorf has been synonymous with high-quality synthesizers from Germany. And for good reason: With a rich heritage of remarkable innovations that extends well back beyond the achievements of recent years, Waldorf is esteemed by users and makers of electronic musical instruments worldwide as the premier German manufacturer. Offering an underlying technology that is unique to Waldorf products, Waldorf continues to carry on the tradition of the legendary PPG synthesizers. The unrivalled sound generators sporting the Waldorf brand are mainstays of professional and semiprofessional audio studios worldwide. Wolfgang Düren, CEO of Waldorf AG, comments, "We are delighted that the alliance with TerraTec will enable us to deliver Waldorf products and know-how to a much larger user group. We also perceive this partnership as the challenge of uniting worlds and achieving optimum results." Waldorf also aims to cooperate with another enterprise to ensure legacy Waldorf customers and products enjoy the requisite support, warranty services and availability. Further information will be posted shortly on the Waldorf website at
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