NAMM: Sonic NAMM Diary - Part 2

Coffee, videos, Dr Moog and War Driving - what a busy day      25/01/04

Buying Choices
Well we arrived OK, the hotel had got us booked in, the Internet connection worked (after re-wiring it, ringing support and a little praying) and we were ready for the start of the show. Due to the 8 hour time difference between the UK and LA we found getting up on the first day easy so we were off to the show at around 8:30. It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky. Just what we brits want when we come out to NAMM, a dose of winter sun.

Lovely day and who do those lovely legs belong to?
Once into the show and registered (an hour long wait), we settled into the press room for coffee and doughnuts. The press room is a small bastion of calm outside hall A where us hacks can rest our weary bones before trudging off to cover the next widget launch. We try and sort out our schedules - beat them into our phones / PDA's and then we're off.

Andy and Nick struggle over their phones.
How does this damn thing work?.
On the first day we split into 2 teams, me + Nick and Geoff + Andy. While they were covering hall A we went over to the Roland end of the show. The first video shoot for us was at Edirol covering the PCR1. Which is a very cute little USB midi interface and controller (very thin). We followed this up with their new FireWire interface, the FA-101 which looked like a cracking product. We had a day packed with appointments during which we saw one of the stars of the show, the Korg Legacy collection. The little USB controller and the quality of the sound of this package was a surprise to us.

84% scale and 100% cute

Those booths always look great from the front, ever wondered what's behind?
We met up at Akai to do a piece on their new MPC1000.

The Sonic video crew in full swing

Now darling - if you could just give me a little bit more, I'm just not feeling it

Geoff had a moment of crisis - where does this go?
Whilst we were there we met Def Jeff, who is the producer and designer of many of the MPC sounds and sequences in the MPC1000 and MPC4000. Unfortunately I can't find the photo I took of Def Jeff but he made us very welcome! Later that day we covered the Moog 50th Anniversary bash. Later in the show we did an interview with Bob where he dropped some hints about a possible polyphonic Moog synth. Check out the video interview for details.

They do brush up well
Then it was back to the hotel room to write up the stories and edit the video. No party tonight!! To our horror, when we got back we found out that the hotel's Internet link was down. So we had to go to the show site and use their wireless link. Not quite War Driving (because we paid for it) but we did feel at risk of being arrested as potential terrorist suspects - 2 dodgy characters parked outside the convention center for 20 minutes in a minivan.

Modern technology is just wonderful

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