NAMM: Sonic Reality Release I-Drums

New drum sample collection released      16/01/04

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Edited Press release follows:
Today Sonic Reality introduced its all-new “I-Drums” drum kit sample library at Winter NAMM 2004. Featuring seven new drum kits sampled with a wide variety of playing styles, I-Drums was engineered to offer users expertly recorded multi-velocity drum hits specially mapped to achieve incredible realism and expression in drum kit multi-samples. I-Drums features seven all new drum kits sampled with various methods such as dual sticks, brush sticks, snares on and off, a variety of mic options and more, with up to 32 velocities per key. The sampled drum kits include a variety of vintage and custom kits from Gretsch®, Yamaha®, DW®, Fibes®, Pearl® and Ludwig®, as well as selection of over 30 different snare drums from a variety of renowned manufacturers. The drum kits included in the I-Drums library were sampled by Sonic Reality in top-notch recording studios with medium-dry to ambient rooms, allowing the user maximum flexibility in achieving anything from a tight studio sound to massive processed drums. Minimal processing was applied to the samples, which instead derive their sonic quality from a combination of high-quality microphones, room acoustics, high-end mic pres and Apogee® A/D converters recorded at a resolution of 24bit/96K, as well as the natural sound and resonance of the instruments themselves. The key to the flexibility of the I-Drums library is Sonic Reality’s proprietary “I-Map” Technique. The idea behind the I-Map technique is to reproduce live sounding drum tracks using an abundance of hit variations. Since drummers play with two sticks, often hitting different areas of the drum as they play, I-Map allows the keyboard player the same luxury by assigning timbral variations to many different keys. Users can play seamless drum rolls with left and right stick dynamic keys, play center to edge snare or tom hits, perform fast licks on the hats across nine keys for closed to open hits, as well as emulate a variety of ride cymbal positions, from edge to bell. In addition, the library allows users to add additional interactive elements, such as the ability to adjust the amount of snare rattle bleed to the kick and toms, as well as cymbal and tom resonance to the snare. I-Drums is a multi-gigabyte, multi-DVD library that is compatible with popular software samplers such as Emagic’s EXS24, Native Instrument’s Kontakt™, Battery™ and more, on both PC and Mac OSX platforms. It is expected to ship in Q1, 2004. The MSRP is TBA.

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