Sony Take Pro Tools LE To Oxford

The much acclaimed plug-in suite for Digidesign entry system      04/12/03

Sony Take Pro Tools LE To Oxford
Sony Oxford - nice box of tricks

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In a move designed to bring the power and flexibility of Oxford Plug-ins within the reach of home studio-based producers, engineers and artists, Sony Oxford now offers a full line of plug-ins designed to work with Pro Tools LE systems. In addition to introducing the full range of individual Plug-Ins, EQ, Dynamics, Inflator and Transient Modulator, the LE versions feature an extremely cost-effective “Bundle” combining three primary tools: EQ, Dynamic and Inflator Plug-Ins at an attractive price. “Sony Oxford Plug-ins have earned a reputation for exceptional performance and sound quality,” said John Richards, Senior Manager at Sony Oxford. “The Pro Tools LE versions now provide the same extraordinary mixing flexibility and sonic advantages to a much wider segment of the pro audio market. Additionally, for the first time we are offering a bundle comprised of EQ, Inflator and Dynamics Plug-ins for the LE user,” Richards concludes. Sony Oxford Plug-Ins for Pro Tools LE include: Oxford EQ
Based on the exact same novel processing algorithms as Sony’s highly acclaimed OXF-R3 flagship record/mix console. It includes a 5 Band Equaliser, with additional variable slope HP and LP filters. Control coefficients are calculated in real time, allowing quantization-free and noise-free operation. Four EQ characteristic types are included. It sounds and feels like an analogue EQ combined with the ‘pin-point’ accuracy of digital technology. Oxford Dynamics
Also modelled using the algorithms from the extremely flexible dynamics processor used in the OXF-R3. It features Mono and Stereo Channel Dynamics with separately controlled sections for Compressor, Limiter, Expander, Gate, and 2 Band Side-Chain EQ. A ‘Warmth’ feature allows variable harmonic enhancement, providing extra loudness, presence and ‘punch.’ Oxford Inflator
Significantly increases the loudness of virtually any material regardless of prior processing, such as compression and limiting, without going ‘over’. The Inflator is a real-time process which adds power, presence and warmth without those pumping effects associated with compressors and limiters, where time constants are involved. Enhance a full programme mix or individual instruments with its tube reminiscent character. Oxford Transient Modulator
A powerful new resource for bringing transient events in the audio program forward, or pushing them into the background, enabling the attacks of instruments to be dramatically accentuated or softened depending on settings. Radically modifies the dynamics of individual instruments or use it to revitalize whole mixes without negative impact on original artistic intent. Oxford LE Bundle Combines the Oxford EQ, Dynamics and Inflator at an attractive package price of three plug-ins for less than the price of two. More information about these plug-ins is available from:
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