3 New Tascam Gigastudio Libraries

Symphonic Organ, Saxophone and Woodwind      17/11/03

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Gigastudio expands it's large library of samples with a trio of new sound set. The new Peter Ewers Symphonic Organ Samples 2, John Rekevics Saxophone and Westgate Studios Woodwind Collection libraries expand the already substantial collection of instruments available to professional composers and musicians. And all three libraries have been exclusively released in the TASCAM GigaStudio format. "One of the best parts of my job is working with sound developers on new GigaStudio library collections" states Pete Snell, GigaStudio Sales and Marketing Manager. All three of these libraries are crafted to such a high standard, you can tell that the authors love what they re doing. Never before have musicians had access to such realistic instrument simulations they re sure to inspire a lot of great music. The Peter Ewers Symphonic Organ Samples 2 library captures the powerful sound of The Grand Pierre Schyven Pipe Organ in the Royal Church of Notre-Dame de Laeken, Brussels. This library replicates a world-class pipe organ in its natural acoustic environment all playable in real-time with GigaStudio s state-of-the-art Behavioural Sampling technologies. The natural reverberation of the cathedral is heard upon key-release. When you let the key go, a second sample is played, echoing the rich natural reverberation of the cathedral. The John Rekevics Saxophone Library spans four CDs: one each for Baritone, Tenor, Alto and Soprano Saxophone. Every note of vintage Selmer Mark VI instruments were sampled and played by veteran studio musician John Rekevics, and were mastered in both mono and stereo. Over 30 instrument presets are found on each CD including smooth, vibrato, staccato, falls and growls and each instrument has over 500MB of samples recorded for the truest possible realism. These libraries are available individually and as a bundle. The Westwind Studios Woodwind Collection contains some of the most expressive instruments ever released for GigaStudio, at a fraction of the price of other libraries. All of the major orchestral woodwinds are included: Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, English Horn, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Bassoon. Each note has been carefully chosen for the most natural sound while achieving low memory usage in GigaStudio. Yet despite their low memory usage, all samples play for their full duration without loops, and each sustained note is available in up to four velocities. Whole and Half-step trills are included, as well as Forte Piano Crescendos and flutter-tongue flute samples. And the intuitive keyswitch programming makes it easy to use any of these articulations in the middle of a phrase making this a must-have library for all orchestral composers.
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