New Plug-In a Dream for UAD-1

US DreamVerb latest addition to UAD-1 DSP card      25/09/03

New Plug-In a Dream for UAD-1
New DreamVerb – it’s dreamy

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Mackie – who if you remember, are distributing Universal Audio DSP card the UAD-1 (see our review), today announced that they were adding the new DreamVerb plug-in to the range. Beginning today, DreamVerb will be available free of charge from the Mackie web site ( for all registered UAD-1 owners. This special offer will only last for 30 days after the release, at which time DreamVerb will be sold regularly for $149 USD from the Mackie website. DreamVerb is Universal Audio’s flagship stereo reverb for the Mackie UAD-1. It features an intuitive and powerful interface that allows users to create an acoustic space from a huge list of different materials and room shapes. These acoustic spaces can be customized to great detail by blending or "morphing" different room shapes and surface materials, adjusting the effect of the room materials on the sound space, and even varying the density of the air to simulate different ambient situations. "DreamVerb sets a new standard for plug-in reverbs,” commented Daniel Moore, Recording Product Manager at Mackie. “It’s able to mimic the dense reverberation characteristics common to dedicated hardware units that typically sell for much more than the entire UAD-1 Powered Plug-Ins bundle. And with the introductory 30-day free promotion, this is an excellent opportunity for those that have not yet purchased or registered a UAD-1 card to do so before October 23.” Other DreamVerb features include a flexible 5-band parametric EQ and unique level ramping for the early and late reflections for sounds ranging from extremely realistic dynamic room simulations to lush reverb effects. And with Universal Audio’s proprietary smoothing algorithm, all parameters can be adjusted in real-time with no "zipper-noise”‚ or audible artifacts. Mike Barnes, Director of Marketing at Universal Audio added, “Dreamverb not only offers the sumptuous sound users have been asking for, but it ships with a comprehensive set of highly usable, studio-designed presets for quick session work, and an advanced toolkit of editing parameters for programmers who want to intricately shape and design virtually any kind of real or surreal acoustic space.” A single UAD-1 can run up to six DreamVerb plug-ins at 44.1k. And like all UAD-1 plug-ins, DreamVerb can run at multiple sample rates for 44.1k-192k recording. One authorization can run DreamVerb on up to four cards. A DreamVerb demo version can currently be downloaded for free from either the Mackie ( or Universal Audio () web sites. The full version is available for free only to registered UAD-1 users for the first 30 days, After October 23, DreamVerb will be sold for $149 from the Mackie web site.
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