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US You might save more than you spend with latest bundle      11/09/03

Free Stuff Frenzy From Digidesign
Spend to save with Digidesign

In a gesture of unbridled generosity, Digidesign have just announced a free creation software bundle to be included with all new Pro Tools® TDM or LE systems. Starting September 1st 2003, every new Digidesign Pro Tools system will now include Propellerhead Software Reason Adapted, Ableton Live Digidesign Edition, and IK Multimedia AmpliTube LE, SampleTank SE and T-RackS EQ in addition to core Pro Tools software. “Our new partnerships with Ableton, IK Multimedia and Propellerhead provide Pro Tools users with an incredible rich, varied and powerful palate of tools that allow them to start creating in new ways ‘right out of the box,’” states Dave Lebolt, Digidesign general manager. “Now musicians will have a vast new “construction set” of music-making possibilities available to them, regardless of their differing styles or interests. Wherever you want to go creatively, these tools can help take you there, and they’re included free in every Pro Tools system, from Mbox to Pro Tools|HD — across the entire Pro Tools product line.” Propellerhead Software Reason Adapted is an easy to use studio package providing a virtual rack of MIDI-based innovative synthesisers, samplers, drum machines and effects. All audio from Reason Adapted can be streamed directly into the Pro Tools mixer via ReWire for additional processing within Pro Tools. “Propellerhead Software is very pleased that Digidesign has implemented our ReWire InterApplication Protocol to connect Pro Tools to a number of advanced sound creation applications. We are especially proud of the fact that every Pro Tools user now can utilise the synthesis, sampling, processing and sequencing power of Reason 2.5 for music production on any Pro Tools level” comments Ernst Nathorst-Böös, Propellerhead Software CEO. “The bundled Propellerhead Software Reason Adapted provides the essence of Reason to every Pro Tools user. With a Drum Machine, synthesis, advanced sequencing, sampling, filtering etc., Pro Tools and Reason together provide a very powerful and creative music-making tool.” Ableton Live has introduced the notion of the sequencer as an instrument. With Live you can launch loops or sound effects on the fly, allowing you to follow intuition rather than a fixed linear timeline. Automatic beat-matching and real-time quantisation help creativity keep the flow. Improvise song arrangements, instantly drop samples on cue, interact with other performers, musicians or DJs. Recording, arranging, experimenting and improvising have never been faster or easier. Live Digidesign edition now brings most of Live’s key features to Pro Tools users. “We are very happy to be part of the creation software bundle,” says Gerhard Behles, CEO and founder of Ableton AG. “We have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from Pro Tools users after releasing Live 2.1 this summer. Live 2.1, in conjunction with the recently released Pro Tools 6.1, enabled Pro Tools users to flawlessly integrate Live into their systems via ReWire, Direct IO and Sound Designer II. Live is the perfect companion to any Pro Tools system because of its unique real-time Time-Stretching, on the fly Song Arrangements and tremendously powerful real-time Sound Design capabilities. Offering an entry level version of Live in this Digidesign product is the next logical step in getting Pro Tools users to realise the power of Live. We hope that they get so excited about this version that they also check out our recently announced Live 3.” IK Multimedia SampleTank SE is a special edition RTAS virtual instrument plug-in. SampleTank is a powerful sound module providing quick access to a host of included sampled sounds with internal effects making it a great resource for MIDI compositions inside Pro Tools. AmpliTube LE is an RTAS guitar processing and amp modelling plug-in that gives users a variety of amplifier and cabinet models as well as classic stomp box and other effects. T-RackS EQ is the EQ module from IK Multimedia's acclaimed T-RackS analogue mastering suite. T-RackS EQ offers Pro Tools users a powerful, high quality tube-modelled parametric EQ as an RTAS plug-in for use in mixing and mastering. Enrico Lori, president of IK Multimedia, states “IK Multimedia’s innovative plug-in range brings the most needed musical tools such as virtual sound modules and high quality modelling effects to the most popular digital audio workstations from Pro Tools LE to Pro Tools | HD systems and beyond. IK Multimedia's products were designed so that guitarists, keyboardists, multi-instrumentalists, engineers, remixers, songwriters and producers could have easy-to-use yet sonically powerful tools for creating unlimited styles of music. Whether you are a pro working in a high end studio or a beginner starting a home project studio, ease of use and top-notch sound quality are the best combination for a fast creative work flow." For information on the full versions of Ableton, IK Multimedia and Propellerhead software, visit, and
Special upgrade offers may be available. For the latest product and compatibility information, visit Digidesign’s Web site at
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