M-Audio Ships FireWire 410

US MOTU get some competition      01/09/03

M-Audio Ships FireWire 410
Nice box ‘o tricks from M-Audio

Previewed at this years Winter NAMM and again at Musik MESSE the FireWire 410 looks like a handy addition to anyone needing a compact, recording audio interface. It’s the first in a new line of FireWire products from the prolific M-Audio. FireWire 410’s 4-in/10-out audio configuration is aimed squarely at the personal recording application where users build up tracks one or two at a time, yet need multiple outputs. Featuring twin headphone outs with individual level control, it could be just the thing for you and a close friend. The 410 supports 96 kHz recording and playback on all ins and outs, additionally offering high-resolution 192 kHz stereo outputs. Ten outputs allow computer-based recording systems to behave more like traditional analog recorders or samplers, where signals are bussed to and from multiple channels of an analog mixer or to multi-channel monitoring systems. Software-controlled DSP handles all internal routing and mixing. The software drivers also deliver extremely low-latency monitoring, and the unit also offers zero-latency direct hardware monitoring. A useful 1x1 MIDI I/O rounds out FireWire 410’s functionality and give the laptop user a full buss-powered solution – with no need for an additional powersupply. FireWire 410 offers two high-speed FireWire ports for easy connection of chained devices. FireWire 410’s bus-powered architecture gives users the flexibility of mobile operation for everything from field recording to tracking on the run. Users can also power the unit via AC. Additionally, the unit can pass MIDI when the computer is not on or connected. FireWire 410 features two analog input channels, each comprised of mic/line inputs (balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4”), preamp with level control, signal/clip LEDs, 48V phantom power (globally switched), and a 20dB pad. The built-in preamps offer gain boost of 66dB per channel. Eight analog line outputs (unbalanced 1/4” @ -10dBV) include signal/clip LEDs that allow discrete routing of audio channels to an external mixer. Alternately, the analog outs can be used to directly drive multiple powered speakers for surround sound performance without the need for a decoder. Optical and coaxial digital I/O provides 2-channel S/PDIF, as well as AC3 and DTS pass through for routing to surround decoders. Stereo monitoring facilities include a stereo monitor output with level control, plus two 1/4” headphone outputs with individual level controls to allow easy collaboration. Specs
Frequency response of 20Hz-40kHz +/- 1db, 104dB signal-to-noise ratio, 108dB dynamic range (A-weighted), and 0.00281% THD+N @0dBFS. FireWire 410 is now shipping at an RRP of $499 / £349.00
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