LinPlug Add More OSX Savvy Instruments

RM IV Drum synthesizer      01/09/03

LinPlug Add More OSX Savvy Instruments
RM1V - a Lin in Plugs clothing?

Built using LinPlug's enhanced high-quality audio engine, the RM IV features 18 velocity sensitive Drum Pads that can be used to trigger any of 11 different Audio Generator Modules. The instrument features a modular design that currently includes 10 percussion synthesis algorithms, as well as a fully featured percussion sampler. The 10 Synthesis modules offer enormous creative potential and are able to create anything from classic analog drum sounds to the cutting edge sounds of contemporary music. The Sampler module provides single-sample, multi-sample, velocity-layer and velocity-crossfade support, at up to 32-bit resolution. The instrument also includes an AHDSR-controlled multi-mode filter, a fully-featured compressor designed specifically for percussion sounds, a flexible "Humanizer" and a 6 x 6 Modulation Matrix. With so many new and innovative features the RM IV takes LinPlug's highly successful RM product line to the next level. The RM IV comes with the renowned Manytone Acoustic Drums series, a set of 8 multisampled, 24-bit acoustic drum and percussion kits. Several independent sound designers have also contributed additional kits so that altogether, the RM IV comes with over 170 high quality synthesized and sampled kits, comprising more than 2500 individual drum sounds (In excess of 1 Gigabyte of Samples). In addition, the RM IV has a time-saving "preview in context" feature that enables individual samples and even whole kits to be browsed as the instrument plays back a sequence. What's more, the RM IV is fully compatible with RM2, RM III, LM4 and CM-505 kit formats, and can load samples in both WAV and AIFF format. RM IV gained the "Value" and the "Performance" award by Computer Music in their current issue and rated 9/10 points. System Requirements:
VST2.0 capable host software,MacintoshTM, Mac OSXTM, 400 MHz or higher CPU, 512 Mb RAM recommended, 1100 Mb free disk space
PC, Windows 95TM or higher, 400 Mhz or higher CPU, 512 Mb RAM recommended, 1100 Mb free disk space Purchase:
The RM IV is sold in all major music stores (distributed by time+space) and available for online purchase from the LinPlug website Licence Fee: 149,00 US$


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