SNAMM03: Korg Goes Hard With XD Series Digital Studios

New 32 and 16 track recorders bring high-end capabilities to D-Series recorders      23/07/03

SNAMM03: Korg Goes Hard With XD Series Digital Studios
The D32XD all in one studio

Designed to form the hub of a digital studio, Korg’s new D32XD and D16XD recorders aim to provide a complete professional recording environment in a single unit. Both models feature 16 or 24-bit uncompressed recording with sampling rates up to 96kHz, a large 320 x 240 pixel TouchView™ display, eight channels of analog compression on input, a 64-bit digital mixer, 4-band EQ on every channel, built-in hard disk and CD-RW drives, and a multitude of analog and digital I/O options. Both recorders offer eight XLR inputs with individual phantom power and eight 1/4" inputs (both sets feature individual trim knob and pad), plus a dedicated guitar input, expression pedal input, and dual phone outputs. Up to 16 tracks can be recorded at the same time (using the optional AIB-8 input board). Each track has eight Virtual Tracks offering up to 128 tracks on the D16XD and 256 tracks on the D32XD. A built-in 40GB hard drive provides up to 188 track-hours of recording, and multiple 2GB partitions of the drive can be allocated as USB disks for direct access from a computer, making it easy to copy, back up, or import/export audio files between the two systems. The 64-bit mixer on the D32XD features a 56-channel/14 bus structure. It offers 16 motorized 100mm faders for dynamic automation of mixing parameters. All tracks have individual parametric 4-band EQ (for both recording and playback), with direct selection of each band from front panel knobs. Sub mix channels feature 2-band shelving EQ, and there is a 8-band parametric EQ for the Master EQ. A dedicated AUX send knob (with four send-select keys) is provided on the surface as well. The 16 channel/24 sub channel D16XD offers most of the same capabilities with 16 60mm non-motorized faders and two AUX sends. Both models also support scene automation (up to 100 scenes per song) for instant recall of fader settings, panning, and effects. The XD recorders feature a newly-designed interface with a large format 320 x 240 pixel TouchView backlit display. It offers detailed yet clear information for each function being performed, and provides a graphic representation of EQ and effects settings, metering, and audio waveforms. Dedicated knobs below the display enable control over all effects editing. The screen has a four-level grayscale display with contrast control, and can be tilted for comfortable viewing. Digital editing capabilities include auto/manual punch in/out, Copy, Erase, Undo, Reverse, Normalize, and Fade, plus special features such as Time Expansion/Compression (ideal for recording picture-related cues). Both recorders include three 56-bit digital effects processors, offering popular effects such as reverb, compression, and chorus, as well as the sophisticated modeling capabilities of Korg’s exclusive REMS (Resonant Electronic Modeling System) technology. 128 presets (with 40 algorithms) and 128 user-defined locations are provided. The D32XD offers up to 24 Insert effects, while the D16XD provides up to 8. Both have two Master and one Final effect. Optional enhancements allow the user to expand the XD Series functionality. The AIB-8 analog input card supplies eight additional 1/4" inputs (for a total of 16), while the ACB-8 analog compressor board provides eight additional channels of compression for the AIB-8’s inputs. In addition, a DIB-8 digital interface card provides 24-bit ADAT optical I/O plus Word Clock interfacing (in addition to the on-board S/PDIF digital interface). Complete CDs can be assembled and mastered, either in “Disc At Once” mode or song by song. The programmed song order, pauses, and IDs can be auditioned and edited before writing the CD. Final mixes are created by bouncing down tracks to new, dedicated Master Tracks (with eight Virtual Tracks for auditioning various mixes of each song). Additional features include EQ libraries, the ability name tracks, six Locate points and much more. Finally, a built-in rhythm and metronome PCM sound generator contains a collection of contemporary and traditional patterns that can create a drum part for entire songs. The Korg D32XD (list price TBA) and D16XD ($2,599 U.S. MSRP) Digital Recording Studios will be available in October and August 2003, respectively.
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