SNAMM03: Alesis Spitfire - Compact DSP Amp

Effects, amplification and a tiny price      21/07/03

SNAMM03: Alesis Spitfire - Compact DSP Amp
Lordy, look at the price

A wall of guitar amps greeted us at the Alesis stand, not a sight we expected to see, but one that heiled the unveiling of Alesis' latest forray into the guitar based world. The Spitfire comes in three forms: the SpitFire15, SpitFire30, and SpitFire60. Incorporating DSP power of the Alesis GuitarFX pedal, SpitFire guitar amplifiers offer incredible performance and many innovative features unexpected for the price. The SpitFire series is aimed at guitarists looking for a flexible amplifier for practice or small stage applications. Built as a “combo amp” package, the SpitFire15 features 15 Watts of power and an 8” speaker. The SpitFire30 has 30 Watts of power and a 10” speaker. The SpitFire60 has 60 Watts of power and a 12” speaker. The SpitFire series incorporates the DSP of the Alesis GuitarFX pedal with 80 presets that can be easily edited, overwritten, or restored to factory default. Nine effects modules allow the selection of multiple effects for a huge variety of combinations. There are over 40 different effects to choose from, including several types of distortion, cabinet emulation, EQ, compression, filter, modulation, reverb, and delay. There is also an auto-chromatic tuner built in. Each SpitFire guitar amp features a 1/4” stereo headphone output on the front panel that disconnects the speaker when in use. Additionally, the rear panel supports a 1/4” expression pedal input for fluid control of effect parameters, an external speaker output jack, and stereo RCA inputs for connecting a CD or tape player. A specially dedicated “Stereo Link” output allows a second guitar amp to be connected for separated stereo amplification. Alesis Chairman John E. "Jack" O’Donnell commented: “The SpitFire guitar amp series is simply an amazing value. We incorporated a comprehensive range of DSP programs for guitar—complete with in-depth editing, preset storage, and real-time control. These are rugged guitar amplifiers with features that go way beyond their amazingly low prices.” The Spitfire range witll be shipping in around two weeks with prices starting at $99

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