Roland Release MPC Clone?

US MV-8000 has bells AND whistles      08/07/03

Roland Release MPC Clone?
MV-8000 preproduction model at the BMF

In a bold move to take the MPC market, traditionally held by Akai, Roland have released their very own MV-8000 'Self contained production studio' ; namely 128 MIDI track sequencing, 8 stereo audio tracks plus on board sampler with up to 512mb of ram. Traditionally the Akai MPC series have been favoured by Hip Hop and beats type producers due to it's renowned MIDI tightness and rugged construction able to take the rigors of the road. Roland have clearly attempted to emulate this whilst including their own sample manipulation technologies. There's sure to be no shortage of samples available, with the MV-8000 reading:
Roland S-700 and Akai MPC2000/4000 libraries plus .WAV/AIFF files from CD-ROM or via USB transfer, as weall as "ripping" audio directly from CD. The MV-8000 also loads ACID files and can automatically calculate the bars and BPM, making it easier to work with loops. Of course, user sampling is also provided—complete with Phono inputs for sampling records. The MV-8000 is expected to be released later this year, at the time of writing there was no pricing info.
Features (as of writing)
  • Self-contained production studio with sampling, sequencing, effects and CD-burning
  • 16 velocity/aftertouch-sensitive pads for programming beats and arranging audio
  • 128MB RAM; expandable to 512MB for 101 minutes of recording (when in mono)
  • Powerful 136-track sequencer (128 MIDI tracks + 8 stereo audio tracks) with easy software-style operation and realtime timestretch
  • Large icon-based LCD and realtime control knobs for easy operation
  • Sampler compatible with a variety of audio formats: Audio CD, .WAV/AIFF, ACID, Akai MPC2000/4000 Series and Roland S-700 Series
  • Independent reverb, chorus/delay and MFX processors, plus mastering tools
  • Onboard CD-RW drive, 3.5
  • V-LINK function for controlling Edirol video equipment (sold separately)
  • Stereo Mic/Line and Phono inputs, plus stereo analog and digital Master outputs
  • Optional MV8-OP1 adds 6 analog outputs, a digital input and R-BUS port for 8 channels of simultaneous digital output and 2 channels of digital audio input
  • VGA monitor support and mouse operation planned for 2004 For more info:
  • Full Specifications (subject to change)
    Size and weight
    Width 480 mm 18-15/16 inches
    Depth 482 mm 19 inches
    Height 136 mm 5-3/8 inches
    Weight 9.8 kg 21 lbs. 10 oz.
    Maximum Polyphony 64 voices
    Wave Memory Slot 1 (168pin DIMM PC66/100/133 CL2/3)
    Projects Unlimited (depends on the space of HDD)
    Samples Max 9,998 per project
    Songs Max 16 songs per project
    Patches Max 16 per song (called INSTRUMENTS)
    Partials Max 96 per PATCH
    Audio Phrases Max 512 (16 pads x 32 banks) per project
    Signal Processing
    AD Conversion 24 bits, 64times oversampling
    DA Conversion 24 bits, 128times oversampling
    Data Format 16 bits (linear)
    Sampling Rate 44.1 kHz (fixed)
    Sampling Section
    Importable format Audio CD
    Windows(R) WAVE files
    AIFF files
    ACID WAVE files library from Sonic Foundry
    AKAI MPC Sound library
    Roland S-700 library
    Exportable format Audio CD
    Windows(R) WAVE files
    Memory Size 128 MB (standard) or 512 MB (expanded)
    Sampling Time 128 MB (standard) mono : 25 min.approx., stereo : 12 min.approx.
    512 MB (expanded) mono : 101 min.approx., stereo : 50min.approx.
    Sequencer Section
    Type Linear Sequencer
    Tracks 8 audio tracks for AUDIO PHRASES
    128 MIDI tracks for both internal INSTRUMENTS and
    extenal 32 MIDI devices
    Max Events 300,000
    Recording Type Event Real-time / Event Step / Audio Direct
    Editing Event List Editor, Piano Roll Editor for MIDI event editing
    Others Recording Quantize / Play Quantize / Quick Loop / Audio Direct Recording
    Effects Section
    Effect Channels 3 (2 loop effects + MFX)
    Loop Effects 2 (Reverb and Delay/Chorus)
    MFX algorithms 24
    Others Mastering Tool Kit
    Type 16 Velocity Pads, aftertouch sensitive
    Banks 32 banks (AUDIO PHRASES)
    6 banks x 16 part (PATCH)
    Storage Section
    HDD capacity 40 GB
    CD-R/RW drive Built in (Read : 32 times speed / Write : 8 times speed / Rewrite : 8 times speed)
    Others FDD (3.5 inch, 2DD or 2HD)
    USB for file transfer to PC/MAC
    Analog Input 1 pair of MIC/LINE (1/4 inch TRS)
    1 pair of PHONO (RCA pin type)
    Digital Input A (coaxial) / B (optical) /
    R-BUS on optional I/O expansion board
    Analog Output 1 pair of Master Out (1/4 inch TRS)
    1 Phones (Stereo 1/4 inch phone type)
    Multi Output (6 x 1/4inch TRS) on optional I/O expansion board
    Multi Output (6x1/4 inch TRS) on optional I/O expansion board
    Digital Output A (coaxial) / B (optical)
    USB port B type / USB 1.1 / Mass Storage Class
    MIDI IN / Out A / Out B
    Foot SW 1/4 inch phone type
    Display 320 x 240dots Graphic LCD (with backlight)
    Power Supply AC117V, AC230V or AC240V
    Accessories Owner's Manual
    Demonstration CD (CD-ROM)
    AC cord
    Options DP-2 Foot Switch
    MV8-OP1 Audio I/O Expansion
    Expansion Memory (DIMM)
    Media and file format compatibility
    Audio CD audio
    CD-ROM .wav/AIFF, ACID wave files, S-700 Series, SMF
    USB .wav/AIFF, ACID wave files, AKAI MPC2000/4000, SMF
    Floppy disk AKAI MPC2000/4000, SMF
    Audio CD audio
    CD-ROM .wav, MV-8000 native data (Project etc.)
    * The specifications are subject to change without notice.
    *V-LINK for controlling video clip playback (DV-7PR) / channel switching (V-4) / effects (DV-7PR, V-4)

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