World Wide - Reaktor Session

And Reaktor 4 see global release      13/05/03

World Wide - Reaktor Session
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The Natives are at it again, with two new releases - Reaktor 4 and Reaktor Session. Reaktor Session gives you access to Reaktor instruments, samplers, effects, and live tools. It includes synthesizers and resynthesizers, samplers and beat-loopers, groove and drum machines, surround and innovative effects, and revolutionary creations never seen before. REAKTOR SESSION also includes access to the ever-growing online library on the NATIVE INSTRUMENTS web site for a virtually unlimited collection of instruments. Meanwhile, Reaktor Version Four comes with new modules as well as with an enhanced functionality. REAKTOR 4 includes the acclaimed anti-aliasing oscillators from the PRO-53 for a rich analog sound. Several outstanding new filter macros provide the backbone for a series of world-class samplers and synthesizers. REAKTOR SESSION and REAKTOR 4 are now available at music retailers.
REAKTOR SESSION is £169.99/$249
REAKTOR 4 is £329.99/$499
All DYNAMO users can upgrade to REAKTOR SESSION for £69.99/ +/-$99 inc.VAT. Registered REAKTOR 3 users can now download the REAKTOR 4 installer for free through NI's website. General information about REAKTOR SESSION can be found at
    General information about REAKTOR 4 can be found at


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