MESSE: Tascam Release a Brace of Gizmos

US Pocketsize, USB and Guitar Tuner..      05/03/03

MESSE: Tascam Release a Brace of Gizmos
It’s a guitar thing… the CD-GT1

Pocketstudio 5
The update, which can be installed by users themselves, adds a number of useful features to the Pocketstudio. You can now alter the key of SMF files and MIDI patterns to match vocal range or to practise songs in different keys. The new metronome function lets you count in songs and audible tempo settings for bringing in instruments. When arranging, you can now set markers with built-in names (intro, verse, refrain etc.), making it easier to distinguish between parts of a song. Editing capabilities have also been improved: not only can you simultaneously edit several tracks in Version 2.0, but you can also copy audio material from one track to another. US-122
The chunky blue and silver box on the left of the photo is the new US-122 which has two audio inputs and outputs, plus a MIDI-in and out, all using a bus-powered USB interface – no pesky PSU to worry about (which can’t be a bad thing).
The adjustable XLR and jack inputs allow you to connect guitars, keyboards, CD or MP3 players, as well as microphones (phantom power can be connected) -- even loop-in paths are provided for the insertion of effects. A direct monitor function enables playback of input signals, and there is a headphone output with adjustable levels and phono outputs. The US-122, together with drivers for all standard Windows and Macintosh operating systems, should be available from dealers shortly. But my personal fave has to be this handy gadget:- The CD-GT1 guitar trainer
I wish they’d invented this years ago – would’ve saved me trashing a few records trying to figure out how to play that oh-so-cool riff.
The bright red box on the right is basically a portable CD player and a guitar/microphone pre-amp…with built in effects. You can mark a section on the CD and play it back until the cows come home – or you’ve figured out the riff, whatever. If it’s just too lightning fast, you can simply slow it down by up to 50% without affecting the pitch. Likewise, you can also play with the pitch using the onboard pitch control. The built-in effects unit provides 15 clean and distortion sounds as well as 13 vocal effects, so you can connect a microphone and sing along to your favourite CD for that karaoke moment. A line input provides for an additional signal (for example from a mixer or cassette recorder) and a line output allows you to connect the trainer to the stereo system or a mixing desk. There's also an internal tuner and a foot switch input that can be used to switch effects or start and stop CDs. All in all – a pretty handy little box of tricks. For all the info:-
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