WNAMM03: New Modules For Doepfer Systems

US A brace from the good Doctor      23/01/03

WNAMM03: New Modules For Doepfer Systems
Dieter Doepfer with his modules

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Doepfer as ever, had a large modular system on display. It's always a pleasure to talk to Dr Doepfer and today was no exception. For our greedy tweaking fingers Doepfer has several new modules: A-102
Diode Low Pass. Module A-102 is a reproduction of the legendary low pass filter design that uses diodes in the filter stage as frequency controlling elements resulting in "strange" resonance behaviour and frequency response as resonance and frequency are not independent from one another.
  • Full details Module A-107
    A new voltage controlled filter with 30 different filter types: Low pass, high pass, band pass, notch, all pass and filters with new response curves that are as yet un-named. The filters are organized in two groups of about 15 filters each. The transition between different filter types within one group can be soft (morphing) or hard (switching). The filter was inspired by the ERWIK Musikelektronik Multimode Filter, which is based on the filter used in the Oberheim Matrix 12 resp. Xpander.
  • Full details Module A-105
    Voltage-controlled low-pass filter with 24dB/octave slope. Made with the legendary SSM filter chip SSM2044. This was used e.g. in the Korg Polysix, in the Korg Mono/Poly, in the first Prophets and the Pro One, Fairlight II, Emu SP-1200 and PPG and Kawai. The special feature of the 4 pole low pass SSM2044 is the patented so-called "true open loop design that delivers a characteristic fat sound not available from other devices" (extract from SSM2044 data sheet).
  • Full details A-100
    Touch Sensor Keyboard/Sequencer. This unit can be used to control and sequence any number of control voltages and features a small touch sensitive keyboard with pressure sensing plus a 25 step sequencer. Each note/step can output 2 CVs plus a gate control giving a large amount of possibilities for you modular system.
  • Full details A-198
    Trautonium Ribbon Controller. This ribbon controller can send CV from both position and pressure when played. It's an interesting way to control pitch or other CV. The response can be quantised to chromatic pitch for more accurate scaling or free for more random results.
  • Full details A-109
    Voltage controlled audio signal processor. Containing the following components:
  • VCF: 24 dB Low Pass with voltage controlled resonance
  • VCA
  • PAN: Panning unit (two complementary controlled VCAs)
  • Full details For full information on Doepfer systems:
  • www.doepfer.de
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