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US 3 gigabytes of basses!      23/01/03

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The Ilio booth at NAMM that had constant crowds, due in large part to Spectrasonics new Trilogy bass module. We wanted to do a streaming video of the module for you, but literally couldn't get close enough to shoot whenever we walked by. If it wasn't the demostrator drawing a crowd, it was a person from the crowd grooving on keyboard bass drawing a crowd. One feature of Trilogy that caught my attention was how it handles repeated notes. Normally on keyboard bass you have to restrike the key to repeat the note, but with Trilogy that is not necessary, allowing for much more realistic parts. Also, things like slides and other bass effects are handled very well. I'm just going to quote the Ilio news release for the rest of it. Albert -------------Ilio Press Release-------------- Trilogy,a new type of softwarep lug-ininstrument, integrates a custom three-gigabyte core library of more than one thousand brand new Bass sounds with a powerful interface for creating custom user patches. Trilogy is designed to function as a native plug-in instrument, without the need for a sampler, in hosts such as Logic, Digital Performer, Cubase VST, Nuendo and Pro-Tools. One of Trilogy's most distinctive features is its ability to layer two different bass sounds into a new patch, resulting in over one million potential sound combinations. Each patch in Trilogy has two layers that can be tweaked individually from the core library of over 1,000 Bass sounds. The layers in the core library can also be mixed and matched together or edited independently, providing the potential for previously unimagined sound combinations such as a real Minimoog with a Fretless bass, a Virus with a TB-303, or an Upright Bass with a sub-oscillator. Trilogy is one of the most powerful Bass Synthesizers ever made. The collection contains three-gigabytes of high-resolution sampled vintage synth waveforms and thick multimode resonant filters for each layer. Trilogy also offers analog synth-style legato triggering and Glide, unique features in the software sampler category that allow for Synth Bass sounds that actually play like a vintage analog synth. Additionally, Trilogy's Zone editing feature allows users to easily create entirely distinctive synth parameters for each key by simply touching the key and moving the appropriate faders. Trilogy's collection of multi-sampled Electric and Acoustic Basses was captured in an exhaustive series of proprietary recording sessions, featuring some of Los Angelesi top session and performing bassists. This extensive array of sounds is augmented by a variety of techniques and articulations to deliver the sound and feel of a real bass player. The innovative new eTrue Staccato sampling technique allows users to play repeated notes on the basses in real-time. Detailed articulations such as glisses, hammer-ons, harmonics, trills, x-notes, noises and slides of varying speeds are also included, as well as a comprehensive variety of playing styles (fingered, picked, muted, rock & roll, slapping, ballad, fretless, jazz, R&B and more). Lastly, each of Trilogy's samples is mapped with multiple dynamics for maximum user expression. Trilogy features include: Massive 3-gigabyte core library 1,000 brand new Electric, Acoustic and Synth Basses, each with dual layers Mix and Match layers for over a million dynamic combinations Earthshaking, Cone-blowing, Subsonic sound Multi-dynamic(up to 8 way) velocity switching multi-sample articulations Innovative True Staccato sample mapping for realistic repeated notes Minimoog-style legato triggering Built-in auditioning system Rapid load times Easy to use built-in patch management system Fully programmable Total recall with your sequence Multimode resonant filters for each layer, plus master filters Three envelopes per layer for Pitch, Filter and Amplitude Matrix-style modulation routing, four LFOs Powered by custom 32 bit UVI engine Cross platform plug-in compatibility $399 MAS, RTAS and VST Mac/PC included. Directly compatible with Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, Pro Tools, Nuendo, Musys, Fruity Loops, Orion Pro and other VST sampler necessary! *also works in Sonar with a VST wrapper System recommendations: 512 MB RAM, 3.5 GB free hard disc space MAC: OS 8 or higher, 350 mHz G3 or better CPU, MAS, RTAS or VST 2.0 host PC: Windows 98 or higher, 500 mHz Pentium or better CPU, sound card, VST 2.0 host CPU load: LOW
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