NAMM: Presonus and ADL announce partnership

US New high end audio gear to debut at Frankfurt      18/01/03

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Presonus and ADL (Anthony Demaria Labs) announced a partnership in which Anthony Demaria will design high performance audio gear, to be built and distributed by Presonus. Rick Naqvi, Director of Sales and Product Strategy, wouldn't divulge exactly what the products of the partnership will be, but hinted that we should expect a preamp in the first series of releases. The products will be analog and at least the first designs will not include the kind of digital interfacing included on products like the DigiMax. Anthony Demaria himself was at the Presonus booth, and both Presonus and ADL products were on display, emphasizing the new partnership. Presonus was also displaying their new line of 1/3 rack space products. The TubePre is already shipping, but several other new models are in the works. The EQ3B is a 3 band fully parametric eq, with both 1/4" and XLR In/Out. It is a mono unit. Next up is the HP4, a handy pint sized headphone amp with four seperate amps powering the four outputs. Each amp has it's own volume control. This is a superior design to the headphone amps in which each output draws off one amp. The HP4 also has stereo control room outputs, making it useful in combination with a DAW. A control output bypass switch on the front panel allows you to easily disable your monitors when listening on headpones only. The Comp16 is a preset mono compressor with 16 presets optimized for different instruments and compression needs. Switching between compression settings is done via several knobs on the front panel. Like the eq, the Comp16 sports 1/4" and XLR outputs. List price for any of these units is $129. The EQ3B, HP4 and Comp16 will be shipping in April. Finally, Presonus has devised a unique rack/carrying case for the units which is similar in concept to the API "lunchbox" idea, although it looks very different. The Presonus "channel stack" (I guess that's what I'll name it) is a tall 1/3 rack wide metal casing with a handle on top that allows for mounting six of their TubePre, EQ3B, HP4, or Comp16 units. Presonus will also offer a special power supply that will power all the units in the channel stack from one source. A nifty idea, and will make it easy to create portable channel strips from the various units in this series. The channel stack will be sold seperately. Albert
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