NAMM: Steinberg Have D´cota In Da House

Three sound synthesis forms in one VST instrument      16/01/03

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You may be watching with interest the developments in the Steinberg camp after the recent announcement of their acquisition by Pinnacle. I know we are. It seems that this minor matter hasn't caused any ripples as they are showing a brace of new products at this years show.
  • V-STACK – The virtual instrument rack for your PC
  • VSL 2020 - Ultra-low latency ASIO soundcard for playing your VST instruments live
  • Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition – he plays whatever you want and doesn't argue
  • HALion String Edition – An entire String orchestra at your fingertips
  • Nuendo 2.0 – The most advanced production studio for audio and post is shipping soon
  • Surround sound comes of age – Steinberg supports Microsoft’s WMA 9 encoding D’cota
    Steinberg´s latest VST synthesizer breaks new ground. Equipped with an extremely powerful and aliasing-free audio engine, D´cota comes into its own to produce very, very special sounds. D´cota provides four ADSR envelopes and two freely synchronizable LFOs for each of the three synthesis forms. Eight different types of filter and two waveform generators feed two independent spectrum stages with user-definable curves. The integrated Morph function allows easy fading between the two spectra in real-time. With its delays, distortion units, modulators and three oscillators featuring more than 60 waveforms for frequency, pulse width and ring modulation, the breathtaking power of the D´cota effect section opens up new, previously unexplored soundscapes. D´cota is a fascinating new synthesizer that makes it possible to create the most complex, unusual sounds while offering an effortlessly intuitive handling. D´cota Features:
  • 3 synthesis forms: Advanced analog/spectrum/wave impulse
  • 8-way multitimbral with up to 128 voices, 4 stereo outputs
  • Outstanding sound quality (aliasing-free oscillators)
  • Multi-effect unit with distortion, modulation and delay
  • Advanced random mode
  • Huge range of presets included D´cota will be available from mid-December for EUR 249.00 at specialist dealers. For more information about D´cota and other Steinberg products, please visit System Requirements PC
    Pentium III, Athlon 600 MHz (800 MHz or higher recommended), Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, 20 MB RAM in excess of the requirements of the host application, Cubase VST 5.0 or higher, Cubase SX/SL, Nuendo or other VST 2.0, compatible host application, PC equipped according to the requirements of the host application. System Requirements Mac
    G4 400 MHz (500 MHz or better recommended), 20 MB RAM in excess of the equirements of the host application, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X Version 10.2, Cubase VST 5.0 or higher, Cubase SX/SL, Nuendo or other VST 2.0, compatible host application.

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