Gmedia Lovingly Replicate Arp Odyssey

Oditty is a cracking VSTi      11/11/02

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Oddyssey meets Oddity meets Chris Macleod from Gmedia
The market for vintage analog still continues to hot up with prices rising as many models become more sought after. One such model is the Arp Odyssey.Through some cunning software programming, Gmedia have developed the Oddity. Once a classic synth used by the likes of Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder, the original Odyssey was famous for it's semi modular power, making sounds ranging from the funky bassline to effects used in the Star Wars soundtrack. Enlisting the services of renowned coders OhmForce and through extensive scientific analysis - down to the component level, Gmedia have lovingly recreated this classic synth in software form as a VSTi for Mac and PC. They even programmed all of the patches from the patch sheets that came with the original manual! A few tweaks have been made to take advantage of the features that only software can bring, such as velocity sensitivity, user memories, patch morphing and flying faders. Features
  • Two syncable oscillators - fully tunable across a six octave range, with sawtooth,sine, square and variable pulse width waveforms. White and pink noise.
  • Monophonic or duophonic modes.
  • Host syncable LFOs
  • Ring modulator
  • Resonant lowpass filter, highpass filter
  • Sample & hold
  • Portamento,
  • Two envelope generators
  • A wealth of modulation routing options. We think they've scored a hit with this one. Check out the demos:
    Funk Bass Demo (350Kb)

    Harmonic Overtones (350 Kb)

    Duo Distorted (350Kb)

    Sample & Hold 1 (350Kb)

    Sample & Hold 2 (350Kb)

    Oddity Absynth Demo (1.8Mb)

    An ambient Absynth chord with a searing Oddity lead.

    Combined Demo (2.8Mb)

    Section 1 features the Oddity on all parts except the drums which are
    taken from our Trance and Epic House CD

    Section 2 features the Oddity on all parts except the drums which are
    taken from the DR-008 groove library.

    Section 3 features the Oddity on all parts except the EVP88 for the Rhodes
    sound and the drums, which are taken from our Acoustic Swing & Shuffle Grooves CD

    Section 4 features the Oddity for every instrument.

    Four-Way Morph (500Kb)

    Lead Morph (400Kb)

    Oddity Rez Demo (600Kb)

    Sample & Hold Morph (650Kb)
    As well as sounding great, the Oddity is priced extremely handsomely, supplied with 5 banks of 64 patches, priced at £79.95 ($129.95) - the original Odyssey cost £800/$1000!


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