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US XP and OS X compatible      08/10/02

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Steinberg chose AES in LA to debut their latest Nuendo 2.0 Media Production System. Building on the success of previous versions, Steinberg aim to make Nuendo the complete media production system, "designed with the needs of the user in mind and meeting the demands of working professionals in all genres of audio production" New features to Nuendo 2.0: Multichannel Architecture
From input to final mix, Nuendo 2.0 is all about surround, with multichannel architecture through the entire signal path. Every input, audio track, effect, group and output now offers up to 12 discrete channels, ready for full-scale 5.1, 7.1, or even 10.2 productions. To make routing in the project even more transparent, Steinberg has developed a new way of organizing inputs and outputs, allowing the user to customize multichannel input/output configurations and switch between them with a single keystroke. Several input and output buses can be utilized at the same time, with any type of configuration possible - mono, stereo or any of a wide range of surround formats - and any track can be routed to and from any of these buses. Nuendo 2.0 even allows switching between multiple monitoring configurations (speaker arrangements) and can simulate a wide variety of end user monitoring environments. Brand New Mixer Environment
Nuendo 2.0 offers the most flexible mixing experience in digital media production. Its 32-bit floating point mixer has been completely re-engineered and now features multiple multichannel input and output buses. This new architecture allows for recording in either split or interleaved surround audio file formats and makes managing a surround project easier than ever before - Nuendo 2.0 always keeps track of which part of the signal chain is multichannel and which is simply stereo or mono. Extended Effects Routing
Nowhere are the improvements in mixing more apparent than in signal routing for virtual effect processors. The new version of the world-standard Steinberg VST technology provides complete flexibility in signal routing to and from virtual effects for each and every track. Nuendo 2.0 even adds effect return channels that allow effects to be added to the input signal while recording, as well as full delay compensation throughout the signal path. Networking
Being able to exchange projects, freely move data, and network multiple systems are capabilities any digital audio workstation should have before it can earn the title "professional." VST System Link is a revolutionary Steinberg technology which allows the user to increase the realtime processing and mixing power for any project by simply adding as many Macs, PCs, desktops or laptops to the system as are needed. But Nuendo 2.0 doesn't stop there. An array of powerful new networking capabilities allows the transferring of tracks an events in a network over TCP/IP LAN. Each user in a network gets his user ID and read/write permissions for each TCP/IP project. The standard network access built into Nuendo 2.0 supports recording to, as well as copying and playing back from dedicated servers or other workstations: all that's needed is TCP/IP LAN. Combining separate Nuendo 2.0 projects is no problem, either - a Merge Project function fuses tracks from one project into another. Nuendo 2.0 also allows the flawless import of Cubase SX projects, and support is provided for a huge range of export formats in order to exchange projects with systems from other manufacturers. Nuendo 2.0 can also import numerous file formats such as AES31, Open TL 3.0 and OMF. User Customization
Nuendo 2.0 allows you to set up a project the way you want it. If there is no need for MIDI functions in a particular mix, for example, all MIDI controls can be hidden for each track tosuit your personal way of working. You can hide functions you don't use from Nuendo's menus - making for a better overview and faster response - and you can even define which buttons and controls you want to see on your tracks, and in which order. Nuendo 2.0 will be available from Steinberg dealers worldwide in December 2002 for rrp USD 1499,- All current registered owners can update to Nuendo 2.0 from any previous Nuendo version for €199* (includes 16% German VAT). Current owners can also keep their dongle, allowing them to make full use of Steinberg's VST System Link technology without having to purchase a full version of a VST System Link capable sequencer application. Any customers who purchased Nuendo after the 1st of October 2002 can obtain the update to Nuendo 2.0 free of charge. * Prices subject to regional variations
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