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US New UB models raise the standard      12/09/02

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Behringer certainly aren't slacking, they've just released and entire range of new mixers. Titled the Eurorack UB range (Uli Behringer perhaps?) these build on the success of the MX range and add some new models. Major new features include, IMPs ("Invisible" Mic Preamps) and ULN (Ultra Low-Noise) circuitry design along with SMP (Switch Mode Power Supplies) in the Pro models. Particularly cute is the UB 502 - a five into two mixer about the size of a video cassette and a perfect match for the tiny laptop studio. According to company founder Uli Behringer,
"These consoles have been pushed as far as the technology permits to-date. There is simply no better combination available encompassing this level of quality, innovative features and affordable pricing." The brand-new, state-of-the-art, studio-grade IMPs provide 130 dB dynamic range for 24-bit, 192 kHz sampling rate inputs, ultra-wide 60 dB gain range and +30 dBu line input capacity for crystal-clear audio and ample headroom. With their extreme bandwidth of 5 Hz to 100 kHz and the amazingly neutral, noise- and distortion-free circuitry, the mic preamps deliver crystal-clear audio for awesome sound without any coloration. Every single microphone input of each of the UB series consoles is equipped with IMPs-something that used to be an exclusive domain of very expensive outboard preamps. The entire range of UB consoles employs the ULN low impedance circuitry design coupled with high-quality 4580 op amps for maximum headroom, minimal noise and stunningly transparent audio. The internal autorange switch-mode power supply automatically adjusts to locally available voltage from 80 to 240 Volts on all UB Series PRO models. In addition, all FX PRO models feature award-winning 24-bit digital and 24-bit/46 kHz internal processing VIRTUALIZERĀ® technology that offers 99 breathtaking stereo effects. With a feature set of impact-resistant pots and first-rate faders from ALPSĀ®, and low-tolerance components, the new UB Series showcase uncompromising quality under their sleek and sturdy roadproof skin.
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