SNAMM02: Moog Voyager In Production

US More ins and outs plus other tweaks      21/07/02

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Brian Kehew demos the Voyager
The Folks at Moog Music Inc were showing the final production Voyager Signature model. For those of you who don’t know, the Moog Voyager is Bob Moog’s (the original creator of the Minimoog) enhancement and reworking of the original and some would say legendary Minimoog synthesizer. First built in the the 1970’s the Mini was the first popular performance analog synthesiser that could easily be taken out on the road and proved to be a big hit with the big acts of the day – think long hair and capes and lengthy improvised solos. Since then it has attained an exalted status with units changing hands on the used market for high prices in the search for it’s formidable low end. The ‘Mini’ has a sound that just can’t be replicated. Dr Bob has fully modernised the original Mini while retaining the sound of the original. The Voyager can be seen as taking the best bits of the Mini – eg the sound and complex synthesis and making an instrument worthy of the 21st Century. In fact he wasn’t at this show but back at the Moog labs constructing units. It is therefore rather fitting that after several years of legal wrangles, the Moog name now resides back with it’s original owner – Bob himself, and can be used in the production of this new synth and the popular Moogerfooger pedals - the company were formerly trading under the name Big Briar Inc. Final Tweaks
First up there’s a PC printer style port that allows a break out box to be connected giving access to extra synth patchabillity making the Voyager more modular-like. Access points are still being finalised but the box will be a simple matter of wiring up with no extra electronics necessary. On the rear panel, as well as the usual CV/Gate in and out, there’s a global envelope control in which will allows the overall amplitude of the envelop to be adjusted via a foot-pedal or the like. In practical terms this means you can lengthen or shorten the overall envelope for more expression from staccato to legato – a nice touch There’s an envelope trig in – so you can sync to an incoming trigger signal for locked in sequence like lines. XYZ touch pad (the Z being pressure sensitivity) can now sends control out over MIDI and Control voltage. The Voyager comes in two models, the limited edition Signature which features some rather space-age blue lighted mod wheels and Bob Moogs much sought after signature and the Performer - the main production model which doesn’t have the blue lights or the signature. Apparently the signature models are going fast so order yours to avoid disappointment. For a full product spec visit:
  • The Moog Voyager Signature $3495
    Voyager Performer $2995
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