SNAMM02: Tascam Release DM-24 V2.0 Software

US Update adds new control capabilities and more      20/07/02

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TASCAM has recently announced the version 2.0 operating system update for their popular DM-24 Digital Mixer. Like previous enhancements to TASCAM’s software based products, this update is available as a free download from the TASCAM web site at Version 2.0 software adds 20 new features and functions to the DM-24, including HUIÔ emulation, improved internal signal routing and direct surround panning capabilities, new footswitch control capabilities and much more. “This software update continues to build on the already outstanding features of the DM-24, allowing users more flexibility to accomplish their work under an even wider variety of applications,” says Jace Nuzback, TASCAM product specialist. “The great thing about technology-based products like the DM-24 is that new features can easily be added, allowing it to grow and adapt as user needs change.” Version 2.0 offers users a HUIÔ emulation mode allowing the DM-24 to be used as a control surface for music audio software like Pro Tools, Digital Performer and Nuendo. Faders, pans and mutes in these DAW applications can all be controlled via the DM-24. Previously, effects returns and assignable returns had to be assigned to channels to route signals to the stereo buss. Now in version 2.0, users can assign these signals directly to the stereo buss leaving 8 more channels available for other instruments. Combined with the mic/line inputs assign capabilities from the version 1.60 update, this new effects routing offers access to 48 channels plus 8 effects returns at mixdown. Version 2.0 also includes new 5.1 surround mixing features. A low pass filter on the LFE channel allows users the ability to send select frequencies below the LPF point to a stem recorder. The new Center Channel Percentage parameter regulates how much of the channel’s signal is sent to the center channel of the stem recorder. The new circle pattern parameter allows DM-24 owners to use the data dial to pan around the room in a continuous circle. Pattern Size parameters adjust the size of the circle. The cursor keys can now be used to adjust the pan cursor like a mouse, and a Jump feature offers immediate pan cursor moves to select locations. With this feature, users can jump from the left/rear position directly to the front/right position with the touch of a button. V2.0 also includes a new utility page offering 13 functions that the external footswitch can perform. Using any momentary pedal with a ¼” jack, features such as talkback, punch in/out, library recall, and on/off controls for muting and EQ can easily be controlled. Additional features found in version 2.0 include: an internal MTC generator, a post A/D converter direct out ideal for live recording situations, transport lock, tape return capabilities to channels 25 thru 32, direct surround panning and pre aux muting function. The TASCAM DM-24 digital mixing console (MSRP $2,999 USD) represents a quantum leap in the design of powerful, affordable small-format digital mixers featuring 24-bit digital converters, up to 96kHz sampling rates, 32-bit internal processing and audio quality needed for a wide variety of professional recording applications. For additional information on the DM-24 digital mixer and its latest software updates, please visit the TASCAM web site at
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