SNAMM02: Digi 002 Embraces Firewire

New Interface creates new price point for Digidesign      20/07/02

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Daly City, CA (July 15, 2002) ¾ Digidesign® is pleased to announce Digi 002 — an astounding FireWire-based advance in mini studio technology. Digi 002 offers functional options and flexibility never before available in project studio products of any kind. Digi 002 features FireWire connectivity, a touch-sensitive control surface, 24-bit clarity and up to 96 kHz sample rate support, and Pro Tools LE 5.3.2 software for both Windows (XP Home) and Macintosh (Mac OS 9.x). Digi 002 provides the means to create everything from demos to remixes to radio spots. Its analog, digital and MIDI capabilities enable Digi 002 to handle a wide variety of I/O configurations, while dedicated monitor and headphone outputs allow you to keep a close ear on progress…all with a simple, single FireWire interface to the host computer. What really sets Digi 002 apart is software and hardware access to the intuitive power of Pro Tools. Borrowing the same technology found in Digidesign’s Control|24, Digi 002’s array of touch-sensitive faders, rotary encoders and LCD scribble strips give you tactile and visual command over nearly every Pro Tools LE feature and parameter, including plug-in manipulation. Additionally, the single-box design includes all inputs and outputs. For live applications, Digi 002 can be uncoupled from Pro Tools and used via stand-alone mode as an 8x4x2 digital mixer with onboard EQ, dynamics, delay and reverb. Digi 002 Key Features:
  • FireWire Connectivity
  • Integrated Control Surface
  • 96 kHz Compatibility
  • 8 analog inputs including 4 mic pres with HPF, 48V and variable gain.
  • 8 analog outputs plus separate monitor, headphone, and –10 dBV RCA outputs.
  • 8 touch-sensitive faders, 8 motion-sensitive encoders, and 10 four-character scribble strips for individual track parameters.
  • MIDI I/O – 1 IN port, 2 OUT ports (16 channels IN/32 channels OUT)
  • 8 channels of ADAT optical I/O, 2 channels of S/PDIF I/O
  • >108 dB Dynamic Range; >98 dB (0.002%) THD+N
  • Ships with 32-track version of Pro Tools LE software Digi 002 ships with Pro Tools LE 5.3.2 software as well as bundled plug-ins, offering more power and flexibility than ever before including up to 32 tracks. Digi 002 represents a truly revolutionary breakthrough on several levels. No other single product on the market combines tactile control with digital audio production prowess like Digi 002. Equally significant, no other product prepares you as effectively to make the transition from an all-in-one home/project solution to a professional DAW environment. And, no other product can touch the value of Digi 002 — with a $2,495 base price that includes bundled plug-ins, it is far and away the best investment users can make for a solution of its kind. Digi 002 is expected to ship in Q3 2002.

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