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US IK first with Sample Module      12/07/02

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Sampletank is the first completely expandable, professional virtual sound module plug-in available for Digidesign Pro Tools allowing access to thousands of high-quality multi-sampled sounds directly within Pro Tools® LE or TDM plus endless sonic expansion possibilities. SampleTank® sound module offers an extremely powerful sample based synthesis engine - comparable only to those found in the most sophisticated sampling workstations, but with no hardware limitations - setting a milestone in a generation of a new revolutionary software instrument range for Pro Tools®. Hundreds (up to 450) of professional high-quality sounds (up 2.5GB samples library) are included with the software, with no limit to its sonic the expansion thanks to a growing range of 3rd party titles (10 titles already available) and an AKAI® CD import function which makes SampleTank® compatible with the largest library of sounds available in the world. Plus, as found in no other software instrument, SampleTank® contains a high quality multi-effects unit where up to 4, of 28 high quality DSP effects, can be selected & applied per each instrument, resulting in a sonic realism found in no where else. Features
  • Perfectly Integrated with Pro Tools® LE or TDM, HD compatible up to 96Khz
  • Includes a huge variety of up to 450 high-quality of multi-sampled banks (2.5GB of samples)
  • Thousands of add-on native sounds available from AMG, IK, Masterbits and SonicReality
  • Imports AKAI® S1000/S3000 sound format
  • 128 voices polyphony per module (CPU dependant)
  • 16 multi timbral instruments per module
  • Unlimited number of modules can be opened (CPU dependant)
  • 32 bit floating point processing
  • 4 insert effects selectable from among 28 high quality DSP effects
  • Sound search feature with user-defined categories and sound data base Pricing and Availability
    SampleTank® RTAS for Mac will come in three versions: SampleTank L
    Includes 2 CDs with 200 top-quality sounds for more than 1.1GB of samples plus AKAI® S1000-3000 converter $279
    SampleTank XL
    Includes 4 CDs 450 top-quality sounds for more than 2.5GB of samples plus AKAI® S1000-3000 converter $499
    SampleTank LE
    A series of 15 sound titles including a limited version of SampleTank® for ProTools® (4 MIDI channels and no AKAI converter included) bundled with native sounds from worldclass sound designer AMG, IK, MAsterbits and SonicReality , to be used as add-on sounds for SampleTank or as plug-in within ProTools®. Prices from $79 to 249$/each The product will be available in the best music stores and by phone ordering direct at 866-243-1718 (toll free) by the end of July 2002. A free fully-working demo version with free sounds updated monthly is available online at For more information:
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  • Release Date: 01-Jul-02  
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