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Built especially for DP 3.1      29/06/02

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Cambridge, MA - Friday, June 28, 2002 - MOTU, Inc. ( and Mackie Designs Inc. (, Nasdaq: MKIE) have co-developed a customized automated worksurface for Digital Performer, MOTU's flagship audio workstation software. Mackie Designs is manufacturing and marketing the control surface, while MOTU has provided customized user interface design and software engineering tailored specifically for Digital Performer. The new control surface, dubbed Mackie Control, is a fully automated touch-sensitive control surface for MOTU Digital Performer. "Digital Performer users are going to enjoy unprecedented hands-on control of their MOTU desktop workstation," said Jim Cooper, MOTU Marketing Director. "We are very excited to offer Mackie Control for Digital Performer 3.1," said Keith Olsen, Corporate Director of Global Recording Product and Market Development at Mackie. "With Mackie Control, Digital Performer users finally have access to a high-quality, familiar, analog-style interface for their world-class software." Mackie Control provides nine 100-mm motorized touch-sensitive 1024-step Penny & Giles faders for the latest in smooth, responsive automated mixing. The unit includes programmable rotary V-Pots on each channel strip, along with MUTE, SOLO, SELECT and REC/READY buttons. Dedicated assignment buttons give Digital Performer users instant access to any mixing parameter on any track, including EQ, dynamics, I/O settings and plug-ins. A large, backlit LED strip provides a detailed, comprehensive readout of channel settings and plug-in parameters. Dedicated channel- and bank-switching buttons provide quick access to any track in a Digital Performer mix. Transport, zoom, scrub and shuttle mode buttons, along with a large ergonomic jog/shuttle wheel, provide complete control over Digital Performer¹s main transports and zooming/locating features. Large red LEDs provide instant, clearly readable visual feedback of the current location in Bars/Beats or SMPTE frame time. A lexan overlay jointly developed by the product management teams at MOTU and Mackie provides customized labeling for many of Digital Performer¹s latest mixing and editing functions. Special priority has been given to recording, mixing and mastering features that match current-generation dedicated mixing consoles, including track grouping and and five mix automation modes. In addition, the MOTU design team has taken full advantage of forthcoming new features in Digital Performer 3.1, especially Version 3.1's greatly enhanced track grouping features, convenient temporary track groups, and enhanced transport modes, which link playback to the current selection and memory bar settings. Custom drivers developed by MOTU provide the most extensive, natural control of Digital Performer's advanced real-time 32-bit mixing environment. Mackie Control offers Digital Performer users the latest in affordable high-performance control surface technology for their desktop MOTU studio.


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