Warp Factor for Mac's - Engage!

Steinberg's Guitar Plug-in goes Apple - iSolo's, anyone...?      30/05/02

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OK, for all you wanna-be axe shredders out there, Steinberg's rather cool VST guitar amp/cabinet modelling plug-in 'Warp' is now shipping for the Macintosh too. And how's this for a tasty riff:- apparently "VST Warp employs Hughes & Kettner's DSM (Dynamic Sector Modelling) algorithms for outstanding realism through software component modelling, whereby each component has its own software model." Betcha didn't know that, eh! And if you want the complete one-foot-on-the-monitor, wind machine and dry-ice kinda thing, here's the official...

PRESS SOLO: "Based on Hughes & Kettner DSM technology, Warp VST is a plug-in that puts at players’ fingertips the authentic response and pure tube tone of three classic amp models and three speaker cabinets. The plug delivers true real-time performance and when used with an ASIO I/O solution, latency is negligible, even irrelevant in musical terms. Warp VST, in combination with Steinberg Nuendo AudioLink 96 I/O, turns the PC into a bona fide guitar rig with remarkably low latency - so low in fact as to put every other modelling solution on the market to shame.

Warp VST boasts that legendary Jazz Chorus clean sound, the genre-defining dynamics of 60s-vintage Plexi tops, and the modern hi-gain thump and chunk typical of the Rectifier era. It also offers a choice of three speaker cabinets: Combo (12" loudspeaker, open back cab); British (4 x 12" cab loaded with 80s-era speakers), and Greenback (4 x 12" speakers that pack the trademark steel-fist-in-a-silk-glove punch of Greenbacks). Each amp can be mixed and matched with every cabinet.

With the Warp VST, every producer enjoys total control over the guitar sound even if the guitarist is airborne and en route back to LA. VST Recording Systems and Cubase VST and Nuendo are able to deliver a full-blown, processed guitar sound in real time to the guitarist for tracking purposes, while the untreated guitar signal is recorded in the background. This means that Warp VST affords the producer far more freedom to sculpt the amp sound to suit the music and tweak guitar tracks to sit better in the mix.

A breakthrough in amplifier technology: Dynamic Sector Modelling (DSM)
Warp VST is a huge step forward in amplifier technology. Conceived in the tradition of the popular zenTera™ guitar system by Hughes & Kettner, one of the leading manufacturers of professional guitar amplifiers, this unique amp simulation system uses DSM. This revolutionary technology allows a painstaking and exact recreation of components and materials that can influence the sound. The result of DSM is more than a sound portrait - it is a second original.

This highly advanced technology allowed three milestones in the history of amplification to be translated into the virtual world for Warp VST. Each amp offers its own individual dynamics and distinctive characteristics, selectable with a single mouse click, and without the normal restrictions of ordinary digital amplifiers. Warp VST combines the user friendliness and flexibility of digital technology with the sound quality of a leading analogue amplifier." Phew! More info from:-

  • www.arbitergroup.com
  • www.arbitermt.co.uk
  • www.steinberguk.com
  • www.steinberg.net


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  • Expected Price: £179.99 GBP  

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