MESSE:TC M300- Two Engines Under The Hood

US Latest dual engine machine set to burn rubber      25/03/02

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TC Electronic proudly presents the new M300 Dual Engine Processor offering Quality Sound and a straightforward, no-nonsense User Interface at a surprisingly affordable price! “The tremendous success we’ve had with the M-ONE and D-TWO has lead us to push affordability a step further” says VP of Sales & Marketing, Mads Peter Lübeck. “TC Electronic is entering an even bigger market with the introduction of the M300, and as we already have the award-winning technology at hand, it has primarily been a matter of designing the box to serve the specific needs in this segment.” Lübeck adds, “Not an easy task, rather quite challenging for the designers who had to continue the intuitive approach known from other TC products.” The M300 Dual Engine Processor covers virtually any effects application, from PA and Live to Studio and Club Installations by combining a dedicated true Stereo Reverb engine and a Multi-purpose Effects engine. The true Dual Engine design thus combines 15 Stereo Reverbs with 15 legendary TC Effects. Reverbs include: Classic TC Hall, Large Cathedral, Ambience and Plates & Springs – Reverb parameters include Decay, Pre-Delay and Color. All Reverb types and parameters are accessible directly from the front panel to ensuring maximum flexibility in any given situation. The M300 has 256 ROM Factory presets as well as 99 User RAM presets, in total, 355 presets are provided. High density 24 bit processing and AD/DA conversion gives full justice to the coveted TC Reverbs and Effects. The auto-sensing Digital In at 24 bit S/PDIF ensures bullet-proof Input connection in any setup. - If Digital In fails, the M300 automatically switches to Analog! Furthermore, the M300 comes with an easy-to-read Preset Display, and provides MIDI In/Out, MIDI Clock Tempo Sync, Pedal Control of Tap Tempo, and Global Bypass. It is compatible with the G-Minor Triple Footswitch and provides 5 Direct Access Parameters for quick and easy handling of parameter changes. The adaptive build in power supply, secures seamless operation at any main voltage - No need for clumsy wall-warts! Price: Euro 320, - (ex. VAT)
Shipping: May 2002
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