MESSE:Natives Plough Ahead In New Traktor

US Traktor DJ Studio from Native Instruments hits 2.0      16/03/02

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NATIVE INSTRUMENTS professional DJ software TRAKTOR DJ Studio receives a major update. With the introduction of version 2.0, TRAKTOR DJ Studio will now also be available for the Mac platform. The new version has been completely redesigned and equipped with a multitude of new features. The redesigned interface optimizes the user's interaction and workflow, and is more closely oriented towards DJ hardware, extended by the specific possibilities of a modern software solution. The various functions are separated into individual groups, which can be selectively hidden in order to make more room for the control elements most important to the individual user. For example, when TRAKTOR is controlled with an external DJ mixer, the software mixer can be hidden in order to grant more space to the playlist. TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2.0 wants to challenge turntablists with an all-new feature: Freely programmable scratch-macros allow the user to program beforehand how the tracks will be scratched and manipulated. There are a number of parameters with which to program scratches, cuts and fades, which can then be saved as presets and accessed through hot keys. In addition, the scratch-macros can be beat-quantized, synchronized to the tempo, and played back as a loop. TRAKTOR DJ Studio's operational concept was also greatly expanded: With key-learn and MIDI-learn every on-screen control element can be assigned to keyboard shortcuts or a MIDI controller even during a live performance. The previous possibilities are now even more expansive: For each track up to 10 individual cue points and loops can be saved. Cue points can be quantized to the next full beat; loops can either be set manually or to a previously defined length, with on-beat accuracy. Every jump-back command, including reloop, can also be quantized to the beat. With this function, inaccuracies when starting the track with the cue button become a thing of the past. TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2.0 uses the original Frauenhofer MP3-decoder to ensure optimal sound quality for all MP3 bitrates. TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2.0 now also communicates much better with other programs: For burning mix-CDs, a Cue-List Exporter in .txt format, as well as a fast WAV writer, have been implemented for exporting the mix as separate WAV files. With version 2.0 it is also possible for the first time to synchronize two computers running TRAKTOR DJ Studio via MIDI clock. Product Information: TRAKTOR DJ Studio TRAKTOR DJ Studio is a powerful software for the software based mixing of MP3s and Audio CDs. TRAKTOR DJ Studio stretches the limits beyond those of conventional tools by opening up a whole new world of creative sound-alteration in real time. Spot-on beat matching on the fly, loop positioning accurately on the bar, beat-aligned scratch-macros and mixing the same CD with itself are only a few examples of TRAKTOR DJ Studio's extensive features. TRAKTOR DJ Studio is the first DJ player ever to display the running track's waveform in real time, thus enabling the user to perceive beats and breaks ahead of time, regardless of whether an MP3-file, WAV-file or audio-CD is being played. Saved loops and cue-points as well as a beat-grid for the entire track are graphically displayed. Much like as record, the waveform can be moved and stopped to set cue points. TRAKTOR DJ Studio's novel tempo detection uses self-learning algorithms to make reliable beat alignment of two tracks possible on the fly. Genre-specific offsets can be manually adjusted and saved for each individual track. Naturally, pitch-bend buttons and midi-controlled pitch faders for manual beat alignment are provided. Each control element of TRAKTOR DJ Studio's panel can be operated via external midi-control. The movements can be recorded and subsequently edited. The finished mix can be exported into separate WAV-files and thus burned on CD. TRAKTOR DJ Studio's innovative Mix File Format allows to record all control movements without replicating the audio files. The mix can thus be edited in each singular control parameter leaving the rest unchanged, recording can be interrupted at any moment and smoothly resumed later on, more effects can be added to a mix and TRAKTOR users can exchange their slim mix files over the Internet. TRAKTOR fuses live mixing, remixing and mix production into a new entity. TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2.0 will be available in June 2002. The recommended retail price in Europe is 199 Euro. The recommended retail price in the US is $199. Registered users will be able to update for free to the new version from
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