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New Masters and Platinum Bundles hit the streets      12/03/02

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Waves is pleased to announce we have begun shipping our highly anticipated Masters and Platinum bundles for Native (runs on the PC or Mac CPU) and Pro Tools HD TDM systems! Masters, Platinum and Platinum upgrades for Native and TDM systems are now available through your Waves dealer. The Masters bundle establishes a new benchmark for audio purists. It introduces the new Linear Phase Equalizer and Linear Phase Multiband, and a high bit rate enabled L2 Ultramaximizer. The Linear Phase Equalizer and Linear Phase Multiband both incorporate an innovative Waves design using FIR filters that introduce zero phase distortion, and the result is a remarkably transparent sound for the most demanding Mastering applications. Additionally, the Linear Phase Multiband debuts our "Adaptive Threshold" that reduces the effect of loud lower frequency sounds masking softer high frequency sounds in the mix, adding superior clarity and reducing the artifacts the can occur with compression. "Masters is the best quality software I have ever used. By being so meticulous, Waves has challenged my hardware favorites such as Weiss and Manley in a way that makes me never want to go back to hardware again," stated Ambrose Field, International Prize Winner for sound-design & electro-acoustic composition Bourges 2000, Ars Electronica Annerkennung, 1996, 1997. "I love Waves C4, but the Linear Phase Multiband is a hear-it-to-believe-it compression breakthrough. Its Adaptive Threshold feature dramatically reduces compression squashing," said Bruce Richardson, Composer/Producer, Sr Editor The Masters Bundle also includes the award-winning L2 Ultramaximizer (available for Native systems for the first time). Masters TDM is Waves first bundle to be Digidesign Pro Tools HD compatible. More information and 14-day demo downloads for Masters is now available from the Waves website at The Platinum Bundle is designed to give you, the demanding audio professional, the largest collection of professional "no compromise" processors ever offered. The Platinum bundle combines the acclaimed Gold bundle, the Renaissance Collection 2 bundle and the new Masters bundle! Waves is offering several economical Platinum Upgrade options. Gold version 3.x users can upgrade to Platinum at less than the cost of purchasing the Masters by itself and also get the Renaissance Collection 2 set of processors as well. This can save you hundreds of dollars. More information is available at


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